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A poem about love & love lost.
I don’t want to trade lives, I’ve been trying to combine;
all I needed you to know was that you had me by your side.

When they turned their backs on you, I was there to mend it;
wearing my heart on my sleeve, you never seemed to comprehend it.

Raised in two separate worlds that you hardly allowed to blend;
even though our core values aligned with love and loyalty until the end.

Hearing your voice everyday, let the pain seep away;
those fifteen minutes had the ability to lighten the dark from my veins.

I truly thought this love would never go astray.
Night until early day, my souls the price to pay.
Each time you were transferred, I helped along the way.

I received the first calls and kept the important in touch..
pausing my life as one of the few you could trust.

You developed future plans that spun into lust and enclosed them into envelopes,
ready for me to bust.

Then something had changed and the calls were fewer made;
reading your letters created pain and anger that I neglect to explain.

Now, I stay in my own lane, uninvolved with the blame;
your soul with mine always felt like a mutual gain.
The irony of the situation drives me insane.

I could rip my heart out and place it in your palms, and you would still say it’s not enough;
you’ll hold it until its’ final pulse, and you would still claim the love was false.

Cold and blue, representing you, draped in back to mourn the loss.
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