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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction
Painting the Kitchen

My kitchen needed painting. I went on my computer looking for instructions. Everybody there seemed to think it was a big deal! I wasn’t falling for it though. I did pick up some pointers.

I never would have guessed it could be so messy. I hadn’t planned to clear everything out before I started, but it was strongly advised.

They also wanted me to use a roller. I wasn’t sure what a roller was, and it required a tray to go with it too. I’d seen my mother paint plenty of times with just a good old brush, and I wasn’t about to spend money on some new-fangled stuff just to be spending money, I can tell you!

Well, the top of my wall was a bit high for me, being four foot eleven now, so I had to stand on a chair. And since I was painting right out of the can with my brush I had to find a way to hold my paint, and hold onto my chair at the same time. So, I made this wire hookie thing that hooked the can to my belt so I could hang onto the chair and dip my brush into the paint can without having to climb down each time.

That’s what got caught. The wire got caught on the chair and when I tried to get down I didn’t notice, and the paint spilled because the wire was caught, and it splashed down all over me. Well, I screamed and Ted next door came running and he tripped over the back step and fell. I ran over and musta dripped paint all over him. His leg seems broken so I called for an ambulance.

So, yes, he’s the patient not me. I was just painting my kitchen red.

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