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Rated: 13+ · Novel · Fantasy · #2206507
A messenger arrived from Makucka's empire to discuss the treaty that Cabat wanted to have.


          A woman was escorted into the castle, the man who escorted her was dressed as a commoner, his hand held her wrist. His cloak was dark and dirty. his sword was a two-handed weapon. His face was a twisted mass of scars. He was known by the kingdom as a man who dabbled in falsehood, Cabat believed him to be a man who should be trusted. His head had a large mass of brown hair with grey about the ears. His eyes were blue, so blue that one would feel that he was able to look into your soul. The guards knew him to be dangerous, and a trickster. They did not trust him, but Cabat desired his knowledge.
          He brought on this occasion something quite different from his usual possession brought here; It was a woman dressed in a toga. Her black hair was short as she ran her fingers through it to clear the debris was in it. Leavers and dirt fell from it. In her arms, she had a satchel. The toga looked too big to fit her properly. Blood, grass and mud-stained it, there were tears in a toga. When she moved her arm to reveal scratches and bruises on them. as were her legs. The other arm she did not move as it held the satchel in her hands. Her eyes were upon the floor when he stopped, she looked about her eyes danced about not lingering on anything too long as though afraid., tears fell from her eyes. Her eyes would not lock onto anyone’s face. Her skin was pale as bleached flour. She was struggling to free from his hand. Her mother Queen Shalet had told to tell no one who she was.
          The man who brought her here was commoner, he wore a cloak, his breath stank of wine and garlic the guards who stood at the doors stepped back as he breathed upon them. His beard was black, one of his hands was missing. The existing hand he had held the woman until he brought her here. He released her arm to wipe his face, to reveal a scar on his left cheek and ear. He said with urgency,”I must see Tact, this instant.”
          “Are sure, he will want to see you. Cur!” the guard spoke and stepped into his path.
         “I am,” the man said.
         Tact walked into the hallway to talk to this man. His mouth twisted into a grimace. He snarled,” What is the meaning of this. Bileat. Why are you here? Cabat has people to see and hear. You are not among those he wishes to see at the moment do you understand me. Go!”
          “I will not, I must see Cabat. I mustn’t be delayed. He must talk to the messenger I brought with me,” Bileat implored, glared at Tact as he stood there with the messenger.
          “Begone, Cur! YOu are but slime in the sewer!" ”Tact bellowed, he expected to see him turn and leave the hallway. He did not do this, he stood there, showing no fear in talking to Tact this way. Tact could kill him with, but a word. Yet Bileat was not afraid, he stood there unmoved as though he hadn't heard a word Tact said to him. Tact knew he was not deaf.
          Cabat was in the throne room discussing matters with his people, the doors to the room were open, the guards would allow his people to enter the chamber and see him there.
          “I will not hear of it. You rogue, I must see Cabat, now!” Bileat warned brought his fisty forward to emphasis his desire.
Tact continued to glare at him, laughed at the fist raised before him but said,” Fine, you will see him. After that, you will leave us be. Understand?”
          “Do you understand?” Tact asked after waiting a few minutes, he turned away,”Rasq tell the king he is here. Wishes to see him now.”
          Rasq walked into the chamber, he knew Tact was upset. The chamber was filled with people who were either human or reptilian wishing to speak to Cabat. He had to get to the speaker of the house. Walked towards him.
          The speaker looked towards him, he lifted the staff he held to stop people from speaking. Drove its base into the floor.
          Everyone stopped speaking. Everyone turned to look at the speaker as he sat there, with his staff's base on the marble floor. The speaker said,” Why are you here?”
          “Tact sent me here,” Rasq said, as he looked about he was worried no one interrupted Cabat when he was having discussions with his people.
          “Did he?” the speaker asked, he raised his eyebrow at his arrival, why was a knight here. He had no reason to be he
          “Yes,” Rasq replied turned to face the king.
          Cabat motioned him to come forward, his eyes looked cold and unfeeling.
          Rasq gulped and approached the throne to talk with Cabat.

          Afterwhich as he turned about and left the chamber Cabat whispered,“Take her to the war room! I will talk to here there!”
          “I believe that the force from Makucka empire had been killed before they got here. All of them had been slaughtered,” Cabat reptilian king, his eyebrows with scarlet ridges on it, the top of his heads jade green, to the side where ears should be black antennas instead, the jowls yellow, and the throat orange whispered into his aid’s ear. Rubbed his hands together “The man at the gate claims that she is the messenger from their kingdom, so she could not be a fake.”
          "Does he, now?" Cabat inquired.
          Rasq suggestedd,”I am sorry my king, but there is a man who is here wants to talk to you privately. THis man is? The man, that Tact despises is here. He will not. Not talk to you. Cabat?”

          “What does this person look like that he has with him?” Cabat asked.
          “Medium build, a woman. Her clothing is toga blood-stained and copvered in grime. She holds a satchel in her hands, her hair is muddy, and covered in grime,. Rasq supplied as he walked with Cabat to the passageway that would lead him to the war room.
          Tact said softly,” Because the barbarians were hiding close to the castle, the messenger would not make it to the kingdom. This was a certainty. We know that the force form Makucka kingdom had been stopped by the barbarian force before they made it to Cabat’s castle.”
          “I believe that the force from Makucka empire had been killed before they got here. All of them had been slaughtered,” Cabat the king whispered into his aid’s ear.
          "This man at the gate claims that she is the messenger from their kingdom, so she could not be a fake.
         They were saying as they walked quickly into a hallway, where they and their guards only knew of its existence, they had to quiet the man who brought the woman here. The hallway echoes their words and footfalls as they entered it. They had with them Cabat’s usual escort.

          Dedraw was walking down a passageway with was dark the passage was maybe four feet across. The ceiling 14 feet above her head, there were scones every thirty feet, water dripped and ran across the uneven floor. The stones were ill set in the walls and floor. Mice and rats ran across the floor, they scurried when they saw her being escorted by the guards into this place. The rats were not fearful, they chased after her.
          The guards opened a door, the chamber was dank, with a table in the middle of the room. There were a few chairs here, a map on the table, and a crossbow with a bolt in the quiver. There were bookcases on two walls, the wall where she entered was without bookcases only greystone masonry. The bookcases had books and scrolls in them. The fourth wall had a fireplace with no grate, wood and coal burned there, its flickering light was the only light in this chamber.
          “What do you mean?” Tact said was bald-headed, brown-skinned, wearing a red satin vest and a silk blouse with buttons and long flowing sleeves, ruffled lace cuffs.
          “Makucka is telling you that he refuses to supply you with more weapons than he already has!” she said, as she looked at him.
          “He is a child who wants the world to be his. The dolt, we must stop them from going further towards our kingdom. If our kingdom falls. So, too will his own,” Cabat declared.
          “We will not have it. You did not arrive here!” Tact said, “You are dead! You died on the road to get here. Your but a corpse."”
          “We will pillage his empire make his woman into whores and men in slaves. They are worthy of that, not anything more than that,” Cabat said.
          “We will use you as we desire. We will make him pay for his behavior in denying us these tools. You will learn what a woman is good for,” Tact declared laughing at the messenger, he had brought his hand under her chin.
          Dedraw’s corneas’ hardened to pinpricks and eyebrows raised with fear and the blood drained. Lips twisted in a grimace from the words Tact spoke, she envisioned blood falling from Tact’s mouth as she saw the emperor of her kingdom declare war. Her hand grew taunter by the instance of witnessing Tact’s behavior towards her mother the queen’s decree of Makucka’s kingdom.
          Shelat swore that she would sell them into slavery. If they choose to disagree with them. She would see their streets run with blood. ####
          They took no account of it, but they had it. How dare they? Deny us, this!
          Her other hand bore the glass of wine. It tasted sludge from a trough. Dedraw grimaced and gasped. She brought her hand to her mouth to cool the flame in her mouth.
          Dedraw’s voice swelled with more malevolence. Her mood cold as
ice; she focused on Tact, “Listen, Shalet does not want to deal with Cabat! Much less hear your remarks. You are a cockroach on the king’s ass. Tact!”
          With spittle flying toward Tact. HE tried to dodge out of its path but didn't succeed. He removed the drool from his crimson vest being careful not stain fine silk cuff. with billowing sleeves and ruffled lace cuffs.
          Dedraw cleaned her mouth with her forearm. She screamed,” Listen to me. You pig from a sty. Even whores would not lie with you. No matter what you were to pay them. You bastard!”
          He grew more upset with each word she said. His face grew pale, his knuckles turned white, his eyes widened with shock.
          “How dare You speak to me in this fashion? In front of his excellency?” Tact bellowed, reached for his mace to put an end to this Saw in the woman's eyes her horror, but she did not move away. She was unafraid..

          Cabat put his elbow in his hand, his forefinger against his chin, and declared, “How dare she? I would love to see her roasting on a spit with an apple in her maw. She does looks appetizing. Though...”
          Cabat waited there, listened to her words. His eyes hung on her body as she shouted., his mouth ran with fluid that spilled over his lips. He wanted her silenced. Now.
          In coastal empire where the King Makucka lived and his private chamber, Makucka’s and his queen’s Shelat were talking at the moment with each other and the guards who were there were dressed in their ceremonial gowns stood like marble statues. Shelat felt an urge to look at the pool of water where she knew, she knew she would see her daughter if she was in trouble.
          She saw Dedraw talking with Cabat and Tact.
          The discussion looked heated, She could not hear them, but from what she saw, she looked as though she was growing more upset. Their forms were shadowy. The chamber was dark.
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