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Process of our thinking
“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.” Lao-Tzu

Why does every mountain we climb, have to be so steep?
Who made the rules, that anything worth having would be hard to reach?

To put all your efforts in with no certainty of reward
To see your goal through a pinhole view of unpredictability
When you challenge the way you respond to matters outside your control
And it offers you no leniency and it may never be enough

Why is always more difficult before there is respite?

Do we all need to peel off the years of conditioning, un-mask ourselves, to find ourselves?

For what purpose will it serve, if all were facing is infinite reprisal from the conditioned
We give ourselves chance after chance, yet in doing so, we’ve gathered webs of defeat

Why are we our own worst enemies? Or are we glutton for punishment?

I want to feel, alive. To feel my existence.
Know that it impacted positive vibrations. Touched the Souls of others.
Keep my heart open without the scarring of the words and actions affecting me
But we are feelers, we are emotional, we are thinkers
And, it can't be guaranteed because assumptions and expectations are a fools game
It’s hard to truly reach inside another and most find it hard to reach inside themselves

So why do we try?

If, we’re steered to conquer but pilot the boat with no anchor

No validity of results.

Do we instinctively drive ourselves to failure before we succeed?

Do we need to feel the loss? Before we make the change?

Either way, we all do it. Whatever it may be, love, career, inner moral, friendships, growth

Does every predicament always have to have a solution?
Or do we do what we always do and settle for second best, because its easier?

Fact is, we look for validation in others and when the world shits on us and we come to realize, it is then that we validate ourselves. That is when you truly fly through the hurricane fearlessly and come to know oneself and truly know you, “Freedom on the inside comes when validation from the outside doesn’t matter”. We spend the majority of our lives, serving others and life’s protocols. Our loved one, our children, our families, our bosses, our pets, our seasonal holidays, our combined goals and at one point after many years of doing so, we become weary. We question who we are now, what have I actually been doing for myself whilst I’ve been ‘doing’ for everyone else. That’s the awakening. That’s the beginning of psychologically validating you and everything around you and what you are, who you are and then we are ready to awaken when we don’t have any more doubts or any more questions about who we are. Most ponder for a time and remain in their bubble. I know I did and most can only say they have given the entirety of their life to the same things every day for years and years.

Is that living? Or isn’t it?

Either way, it does bring comforts and it does harbour routine but what it doesn’t bring, is it doesn’t incite change and change is growth and growth is reward.

And change will linger there precariously, waiting for us to disentangle it.

Albert Einstein said;
“The world as we have created it, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”
And when we do this, people get left behind. Left behind because we are not the same person as we were the year before and neither are those we love because we see things differently when we do. It is a matter of chance that as we change, that they might still love a changed person. Life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness and when it does its hard to keep pretending that nothing has happened or we’re not yet ready. The challenge will not wait, life does not look back.
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