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War is nothing for which to give thanks.
War—an enormous stain
on humanity, rife with threats.
Ethnic differences, tanks
and death…

(…November, Thanksgiving
, a family gathering
far away from armed conflict.)

Mayhem are bombs,
bullets and bayonets,
battles for disputed borders…

(…at home, guests arrive
well dressed, happy,
hungry, thoughts of white
meat, a drumstick,
mashed potatoes,
green bean casserole.)

Stealth technology,
modern bombers strike
targets, laser-guided carnage.

Civilians (and children)
life drains away in red,
caught in war’s crossfire
unwillingly dipping in
cranberry sauce

at a huge price.

25 Lines
Writer’s Cramp

—Thanksgiving dinner
—an enormous stain
—dipping in cranberry sauce
—family gathering
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