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Every year I try to share this special message about the word Christmas with everyone.
         The whole entire story behind this informative story is meant to bring some special attention and awareness to a problem that comes around just about every year at Christmas time. It is very important that everybody writes out the whole "ENTIRE" word Christmas each and every time that they put it on paper or even type it onto a computer screen. For that matter even if they are texting it over their phone, they need to write this word out in it's entirety. A lot of people have been falsely lead to believe over the course of time that it's okay to abbreviate the word Christmas to save a little bit of time. However nothing could be further from the truth, and there isn't and will never be an abbreviation for the word Christmas. The term Xmas which you will not see ever again in this hub, has a very dark beginning. Sometime back in the 1950s a group of atheist banned together, and secretly made an attempt to X out the word Christ from Christmas. They cleverly disguised it as an abbreviation for people to save time when writing during the holidays. Over the many years some people have mistakenly adopted this type of writing technique, blind to the real fact that atheist are trying take the word Christ out of Christmas. This is something that we need to never let happen. Now a days most people are innocently making this mistake in life at no fault of their own other then they just didn't know. It's important to write out the entire word, and avoid making this big mistake in life during this special time of the year. I realize that it may take an extra second or so, but writing out the word Christmas in it's entirety is a very important thing to do in life with a very big reward in the end. The whole point of this hub was to simply warn those out there that weren't aware of this little known fact, with my best intentions. Right around the corner Christmas will be here once again, and I would like to wish everyone who reads this a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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