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I wrote this story 5 years ago on the Hub Pages and my predictions on 2020 are coming true
         History seems to have a strange habit of repeating itself over time. The first world war was shortly followed by a second world war, with basically the same countries being the key players once again. This makes one wonder if the roaring twenties of the twentieth century aren't subject to repeat itself again, one hundred years later in the twenty first century. The year 2020 is just a stones throw away from us now, and before we all know it, we may soon be reliving that nostalgic time again from long ago. The roaring twenties began with big cities in both the United States, and Europe enjoying economic prosperity while transitioning from a wartime economy to a peacetime economy. Could we be in the same position to repeat this step of the process with the conclusion of the Afghan and Iraqi wars upon us now?

         In the 1920s modern womanhood was redefined with voter rights, and the youthful flapper movement started doing dances such as the "Charleston". It doesn't appear as though anything here really has changed all that much. Also in the 1920s art deco peaked, and sports figures like the great Babe Ruth rose to become sports heroes. Something that we all see today in the national football league (NFL), and the national basketball association (NBA). This era saw unprecedented economic growth with the consumer demand for some things like automobiles, telephones, and electricity. But on a more serious note the 18th amendment was added to the United states Constitution in 1919. This prohibited all intoxicating liquor, and alcoholic beverages. This sad era became known later as "Prohibition". This brought an entire new set of problems onto the world stage. People had a continued desire for alcohol right along. Instead of alleviating the social problem, it opened the door for gangsters like Chicago's Al Capone, and New York City's Lucky Luciano with the rise of the speakeasy.

         Speakeasy operators notoriously bribed the police to either give them notice of a raid, or leave them alone and not bother them. Violent lawlessness erupted with the lack of public support, and the police were unable to enforce this law. Eventually politicians realized that this was not a winnable situation, and the law was reversed and repealed. Today with tougher DWI laws, cigarette bans in restaurants, bars and public places, and the increasing problem with prescription and illegal drugs are we heading back down this road once again? The roaring twenties which turned into the golden twenties, came to it's inevitable conclusion in 1929 with the wall street crash that sparked a worldwide great depression.

         I decided to write about this topic after I was looking at a calendar, and suddenly realized just how close we were again to another start of the roaring twenties. I completely realize that this may not be another repeat of what occurred in the twentieth century, however we all are really off to a good start on this one once again. Anything is possible in this world, and we are posed today to repeat the history of the past, and only time will tell. It's almost like a the baseball game of life. The score is all tied up, with the last batter up at the plate. He's got a full count with two strikes, and three balls. Something has got to give, or maybe we'll just go to extra innings. Either way something is going to happen at some point. This has just simply been the perspective of one solitary writer. What do you all think?

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