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by Glint
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Entertainment · #2206655
Your friend Ana becomes your wedgie slave for the week
P.S: You are a female named Kimmy in this story

On a casual Sunday you decided to play a game of dare or dare with your friend Ana over the phone. It started with simple dares like prank call the 5th person in your contacts. The longer it went the wierder the dares. Eventually you dared Ana to be your wedgie slave for the school week, she reluctantly agrees. She would also be staying at your house because her parents were out of town. So were yours but Ana's parents didn't know at the the time
Day 1

Monday morning you texted Ana to wear a thong and a back connection bra. She says "Ok may I ask why?" You respond with a simple "youll see🙂" you also remind her to bring 3 pairs of all type of underwear for the wedgie filled week. At school you meet Ana in the gym where no one went in the morning at gave her a bra connection wedgie for the day. She made the mistake of wearing a crop-top so everyone could see her massive wedgie, and some people gave her underwear a nice hard yank.
When you two got home the real fun began you had Ana get in the biggest panties she brought. The underwear were sagging a huge ammount. You wouldn't be surprised if they fall down if you tell her to take off her pants. You grab some rope and climb the tallest tree in your back yard with Ana. You pull off Ana's pants and tie the rope through her underwear, you push her without warning.
She fell for a few seconds because of the length of the rope and the height of the tree. She violently stopped about 10 feet of the ground, she started crying from the pain almost isnantly. She wimpered "Kimmy why?? Why do you do this? Please just let it stop." You went inside to make some tacos for supper, you decided to take a bit longer then normal, about 30 minutes later supper was done. You went outside and took Ana down, her panties stretched even more, she was now only about 3 feet of the ground. You cut her down and brought her inside. You put her in a atomic wedgie while you two eat the tacos.
After supper you laid her down on your couch. You grabbed a belt and duct-ape, then you taped her hands and feet together
You say "im going to spank you 500 times while you count, if you lose track at anytime I will start from scratch." You then started to land the belt on her bare butt. You got to 238 when Ana wimpered through ber crys "236" she screwed up! As you promised you said "you screwed up the count, time to start over!" She cryed even harder when you said this. You started from scratch and 2 and a half hours passed before you reached 500.

Ana's butt wasn't just all shades of color, you could tell they were starting to bruise from all 738 smacks on her butt. You put her in some new, much smaller underwear and hung her off your door as it was time for bed

Day 2
You wake Ana up to get her ready for her day, you put her in a purple crop-top, a stretchy pair of panties, some black leggings, and a small bra on to squish her breasts. You told her "im going to randomly give you wedgies through the day, dont pick them until I say you can." You pulled the waistband of her underwear past the top of her leggings. On the bus she sits down and starts to softly cry from the pain of her bruised butt. You put your hand on Ana's back and slowly moved it down towards her waistband. You quickly grab it and give it a yank. Quietly you wispered "you can pick it this one time." She picks the wedgie but leaves the waistband of her underwear visible by about a inch. Through the day you gave her a total of 27 wedgies and she didnt pick it once, but others saw her bunched up underwear and gave them a few yanks as well. At the end of school Ana recieved 148 wedgies in total. You and Ana stayed after school to hang at the park while you study. When you two finish you decide to go on the swings but Ana hesitated because of the bruises on her butt. You push Ana to get her moving, after a while of pushing you grabbed her underwear and held tight. She didn't notice until she came to an abrupt stop. She screamed as her panties tore into two peices.
The both of you decide to go home and rest, you ask Ana if she wants to play xbox. She agrees and grabs a controller, Ana then makes a bet. "If I win you have to have an bra
Connection wedgie until we go to bed" you respond with "if i win you have to clean the entire house with an atomic wedgie." You thought you would be able to beat Ana but she was quite good. It was tied most of the game until the last ten seconds when Ana scored a point, you didnt have time to score and you lost. You accepted this defeat and revealed your stretchy unicorn panties. She yanked your panties with fury getting them high enough and put you in the bra connection wedgie.
You hoped on a differnt game and made another bet "if I win this game you have sleep in a messy wedgie." Ana replied "If i win you have to sleep in a hanging wedgie." This time you absolutely smoked Ana. You went into the kitchen and take out 4 peices of bread, you put peanut butter on two and jelly on the other two. You pulled off Ana's underwear and smeared jelly on Ana's private regions and butt, then did the same with the peanut butter. Then you put Ana into a shoulder wedgie and hung her off your door once again for the night.

Day 3

You wake up Ana with a not so pleasent surprised, you grab to front of Ana's underwear and yank them high sky until they ripped and she fell to the ground. Ana goes the the bathroom to wash off the food from last nights wedgie.You pick out Ana's outfit today, it consisted of sweatpants, a long sleeve shirt, and a surprising stretchy G string. You put her in a shoulder wedgie for the entire school day. When you got home you ripped her G-string and made and asked Ana "pick a number 5-15" she picks 15. A smile emerges from your face, you say "ah 15, ok then strip and bend over the couch." Ana's face went blank knowing what was coming, you said "congratulations you get 1500 spankings!" Ana tried to run but you stopped her, you grabbed the duct-ape and taped her hands and feet just like the first time. Then the belt started to hit Anas butt as she counted, the bruises from the first time havent even healed. Yet here you were doing it again, you got to 247 before she was crying for mercy. You still whipped the belt harder and harder. Once you got to 500 Ana had no more tears to cry and no more voice to scream. She just sat there, silent as the belt hit her butt. Hours past until you hit 1500, she just kneeled on the couch and fell asleep right there.

Day 4
In the morning you gave Ana some ibeprophen and some medicine to heal the bruises quicker. You and Ana stayed home that day, you brought a ice pack to Ana and put it on her bruised butt. She didnt talk until 2 in the afternoon and she said "I WILL get you back for this" you rest for the entire day with no wedgies.

Day 5

It was friday, the last day of Ana being your wedgie slave so you made the best of it. School was canceled today because of the weather, today would be full of wedgie. It was raining you you decided to put Ana in a hanging wedgie off the tree in the back yard. Ana's panties only lasted about 30 minutes, you grabbed her huge panties of the first day and told her to put them on. You put her in a double atomic wedgie for about an hour, you then put Ana in a double hanging wedgie while in the atomic wedgie. Even those underwear ripped quite quickly from the strain. You try your best to rip as many pairs of Ana's panties as possibe. It was 4pm when your ripped almost all but two thongs when Ana's parents called saying theyd be there in a hour. You ripped one of the two thongs then put her in a bra connection wedgie with the last one. You helped Ana pack up to go home, by the time you got done packing it was 4:45. You decided to spank Ana as many times as possible until her parents got there so you grabbed the belt and staryed whipping. You got to 59 before you heard the engine of a car, you stopped and hid the belt. You walked Ana out the door to her parent's car, she silently winched as she sat in the back seat. She then drove away in her car.

The next friday when you were playing a bit of truth or dare with Ana, you picked dare and she said "remeber last week? Time for revenge! Pack some underwear and get your butt over here!"
You knew you were in trouble. The first thing she did was give you a atomic wedgie and spanked you constantly until you reached 5000 while you counted. You knew that was the beginning of a war!
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