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a person thought on the basis of daily encounter of different circumstance
Chapter 2:
I was lost in my thought.Suddenly I heard a voice from behind me.I didn’t want to turn back still I have to.I know that voice very well.
“Hey…piu wait up” from my familiar voice.
I wish and wanted not to turn back.still I did..
with a smile I replied “ hi…long time no see”
( I hate to wear mask…again I wear one..a happy friendly mask..i know her, I know her very well)
I have such a weird six sense.

“where have you been all that time? I have called you, text you, but you didn’t reply?” simu asked me.
I met her one and half years ago, while I was taking IELTS coaching.she is such cheerful and kind aslo pretty talented and clever however somehow I just have such a weird feeling for her for couple of months I couldn’t figure out actually what us wrong but now I know and I simply try to avoid her.I don’t like arguments, what if I lose or won? It dosent matter for me.words are more deadly than anything in this world.Once it out it can not turn back.
-“ I am sorry dear, I was busy and also wasn’t with my phone” I replied.
-“ o yeah, you and your excuse”
-“ hehe its not like that”
-“yeah sure”
-“lets go grab a coffee”
-“ sorry dear not today I am in a bit hurry situation”
-“ you and your situation..i never understand”
-“ hehe nor do i. I will catch up with you later, bye for now”
-“I know I will not see you again for long time, whatever at least receive my calls”
-“yeah sure”
-“ok than see you later”
-“sure bye”
I turn back and start walking.i don’t like to play with people feeling and trust also don’t like to use anyone.whenever I encountered with such people I avoid them.
we used to hang out a lot talking, walking, laughing, doing crazy things, eating street foods and many more.after mother died I found someone to share my thoughts and feelings she was just like my family.i never think twice to spend money though I have little money I have no family back up.All are changed in a blink of eyes. Thats a another story.the more I spent time more I realized I am just a another person to her.i never understand how come we treat someone for our own greed whom we called friend?
when I understand the situation I didn’t say anything to her I just simply walk away.i respect our friendship.i didn’t feel necessary to say her anything, If i mean nothing then how come my words will mean something to her?
there is many thing I don’t understand, friendship love all seems to me vacant.just like a empty jar.i just keep walking, people come and go just like seasons.for me she was like winter if I have enough money and luxury I will enjoy the misty cold and fog if I don’t have, for me it just another season to just to survive, the fog and the misty cold not for me to feel.
Was I always like that? Again another lonely breeze pass through my heart.
I smiled a little, there are many whys, in my life but I don’t have any answer.i chose to walk.just like a broken branch feel from the tree into the river and going with flow don’t know where the journey will end sometimes bump into some stone and river bank again it goes with flow.
I put my earphone on, listening my favorite song “ let her go” by passenger.
no time to lost in my thought as it is endless.i got to reach early.
suddenly I feel light, I can not keep someone in my life whom are meant to go.
now I am on bus.looking outside through the glass, the blue sky.going along with me.

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