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Rated: E · Monologue · Romance/Love · #2206707
Why or why not is love at first sight best left to romance writers?
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Theme: Why or why not is love at first sight best left to romance writers?

Romance writers are the experts at love are they not? These are people who dedicate their craft to the exploration of what makes people fall in love. They agonize for hours, dwelling on how to show their characters falling for each other. They examine what it means to fall in love, what makes people fall in love.

Romance writers become good at gripping tales of sensual attraction, of casting a spell of magnetic attraction that not only characters but reader fall under. Their craft is the art of making the reader fall in love with their characters, their couples at first sight. Who could possibly be better equipped to show it? Because it's fantasy, right? It doesn't happen that way in real life...

...Except that it does!

Romance writers may--pardon the word choice--romanticize it. But it happens. It really does. Just not like in the stories... which is why love at first sight really isn't best left to the writers. It is best left to the lovers who live it, the people who experience it.

Who hasn't gazed adoringly at a person he or she has never met? Who hasn't dreamed erotic dreams of the cute guy at the gym or the beautiful woman in the department store isle? Few such crushes are recognized for what they are because few act on these blossoming instants of love at first sight.

When the woman approaches the guy at the gym and coquettishly bats her eyelashes, she can tell the story fifty years later to her grandchildren about the day she met her handsome husband.

When the man at the store walks up to the beautiful woman and gives a crooked grin as he asks for her number, he can recount the tale in two decades to his daughter, giving her dreams of the slow approach of Prince Charming.

Perhaps love at first sight should be left not to purveyors of fantasy but to those who have found it and acted on it.

Unfortunately, the cynical would say that those lucky souls exist only on the pages of the romance novel.

Do these lucky souls exist outside of those pages?

Why not?

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