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A story about a fat guy being created
“It’s official, sawn Mandes is gay” said the news paper head line.
All of the world was in shock. But dawn on the other hand.... he was heaving the time of his life. He met a guy and went on a date with him. They sat down at an expensive restaurant and then sawn started ordering. “I would like a 1 patty burger water and a sales please.” The date refused and asked to order for him himself. “Fine” sawn said. “He wants 2 four patty burgers with 3 extra large fries and cola”. “It’s way too much for me, I have to stay in shape” said sawn. But he ate the food anyway. The conversation the tow had was truly amazing, so they schedule a second date.
On every passing date the guy would increase the meal size for sawn without him noticing and as the dates kept going, sawn was starting to get a little chubby.
2 months into the relationship sawn met his agent for the first time since he got out of the closet. In that time sawn Wes up 28 pounds then his normal weight and his clothes nearly exploded over his gut and man boobs. After the meeting, sawn got fired from his agent because of his new look and felt devastated. So he ate his felling .
And ate, and ate. Until he found out that since he started dating that guy- HE GAIND 76 KILOGRAMS!!
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2206709