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A moment I found faith in God
Hands Tightly Pressed

In His light I see
My soul is cast free
To be truly me
Loved unconditionally

Praise to the Three
Reborn with his Key
Good graces from Thee
My Lord, King if Kings

“Fall to my knees
Hands tightly pressed

Always turn to Him
When things seem a mess

Trust in His love,
trust in His power
God provides always
not just in this hour

He always listens
God never gives less

I fall to my knees
My hands tightly pressed”

In Him I have faith
Love needs no case
A faith with no facts
Firewood, no axe

Omnipotent is He
Your path he does see
Have strength and believe
Gods love faithfully

“Your paths not a test
In His grace you are blessed

He always gives more
He never gives less

Lowered knees to the floor
Hands tightly pressed”

Abundant is life
When cleansed of all lies
Transparent and true
Gods divine gift is you

In you burns the bush
You’re faiths greatest tool
In the mirror reflects
Gods greatest miracle

Look deep in your eyes
Thank Gods power for life
Thoughts, pulse, a breath
God never gives less

On your knees be so thankful
Consider others, we all struggle
Repent, seek guidance and light
Keep hands pressed so tight
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