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Flash Fiction
Fixed it

Paddie entered the living room quietly. Also, slowly, because it was the only way to be quiet now. Ding!

That darn bell! Mom had put a necktie on him yesterday. “So cute!” she’d said, tying it around his neck with pats and kisses. It had a little bell in the front.

Paddie was fierce! Paddie was brave! Paddie was not cute! He stood there, and then tried, for the thousandth time, to dislodge the bell. Neither front feet, nor back, nor all four budged it a bit. The whole tie had to go.

He couldn’t reach the knot, and didn’t know how to undo it anyway, the only thing left was to get his head out of the thing. That seemed possible.

Since he didn’t have any luck pulling it over he decided to pull himself out. He figured if he caught it on something strong, he could use all his muscles and pull himself out!

But what was strong that he could use? He had to be able to get the tie over it, while his neck was still in it, and then be able to pull, so his head would pop out. So, it had to be small, and it had to be near something he could get his claws into. He spotted the perfect thing! The giant post at the bottom of the stairs had a tiny point on top.

He put the plan into motion. He’d just flipped over the edge, after getting the point under the tie. Unfortunately, he couldn’t flip around, to get his claws in. He was hanging over, flailing madly and starting to lose consciousness! Fortunately, Mom came around the corner just then. She screamed!

Later that day, having fixed the problem, Paddie entered the living room quietly.

Life was good again.
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