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by Glint
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Entertainment · #2206779
You have a bit of fun with your undies while home alone
Author note: Hello everybody. If this is your first here, im Glint a new writer on this site. I right wedgie stories but my imagination is only so big so please request things and I might be able to do it. Now lets get to the story!

You are a 14 year old girl named Kari in this story. You learned that you loved wedgies at the age of 12. You enjoy to give your self wedgies when your home alone. Your parents are on a retreat for the next 3 days and your older sister wen't off to college this year.

You stood at the door as your parents walked to their car, you waved goodbye as they drove off. As usual on off school days you did your one mile jog with a bra connection wedgie. Your friend Liv jogs with you aswell, She is the person who knows your secret. You two stop at half way to catch your breath, she sees you blue panties attached to to your bra and gives them a pretty good tug. You moan from the pleasure, she laughs and lets you go.
You two then finish your jog and you head home, you throw on a stretchy pair of panties. You give yourself shoulder wedgie and finish your workout, consisting of squats, sit-ups, push-ups, and pull-ups. You take your shower and rest for a bit in a atomic wedgie. You decided to surprise your parents by cleaning the entire house, but little do they know you had a bra connection wedgie for the entire time.
Your house was pretty big so it took the ENTIRE day and you werent even done, the next day you finished it around noon. Most of the rest of the day you spent in a messy shoulder wedgie, Liv texted you "what ya doing?" You replied with a picture of you in your wedgie. She types in all caps "OMG KARI!!!! STAY THERE ILL BE THERE IN TEN MINUTES!" Surly enough she there in 10 on the second. She bursts out laughing, she walks over and yanks your underwear sky high.
She tugs and tugs until your underwear tear leaving you fully exposed except your bra. She tries to apologize but you say "no need for apologise, let me put some more underwear on and you can keep pulling." You walk into your parents room and put on your mothers panties for extra stretchiness. Liv walks you to the workout room and put the weight bar through your panties, she then puts 25 pounds on each side. Liv tells you to lift them, you do as she tells you.
She grabs the second bar and puts it through the front of your panties and lifts it herself making you leave the ground because of her height. Its starting to slightly hurt as it was digging into your private regions and you say "Liv please me down its starting to hurt." Liv ignores you and starts to jump up and down digging into deeper into you. A hour later Liv went home because it was getting late.
The next day you woke up ready to try something you've only done once before when you were 12, the hanging wedgie. You tried this when you first discovered you liked wedgies but your stiff panties tore easily and quickly so you didnt experience anything. Now you have stretchy underwear to hang and experiance it. It was 10 A.M when you climbed the tree, another 10 minutes past before you had the courage to jump.
You stopped 7 feet off the ground, your parents texted you saying they'd be back at 2 P.M. You thought they'd rip by then, two hours past and the immense pleasure turn to slight pain with no sign of your underwear ripping. Another two hours past and the pain built up you started to cry about 10 minutes ago, you then heard heard to sound of your parent's car. You started to panic, in a effort to rip your underwear you start bouncing it hurts a lot so you stop and accept your fate. Your mom was the only one in the car and she started to look for you
You yell to get her attention, she comes outside and says "what happended honey?" You wimper a reply "I lost a bet to Liv, i have to stay her until 3 P.M, but it hurts mommy let me down." "Its only 2:14 im sorry honey see you in 46 minutes" she replies. Your mom always enforced promises and by supposedly making a bet you made that promise. Your mom loses track of time and gets you down at 4:47.
You decided to NEVER do another hanging wedgie in your life. That day was the closest you got to exposing your secret to somebody.

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