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by Paul
Rated: ASR · Short Story · Drama · #2206790
She desperately needs to apologize.
“Who the hell’s banging on my door at 2AM... you’d better have one damn good reaso...”

“Hi. Can I come in. Please! I have to talk to you.”

“At 2AM! Shit, Connie, that’s all screwed up... even for you.”

“I’ve been all screwed up since Monday.”

“About 3PM Monday.”

“Yes. I have to apologize! I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I am totally screwed up.”

“Why did you come back, Connie?”

“I told you! I have to apologize!”

“You could do that tomorrow at lunch.”

“NO! Sorry. I can’t wait. David, please let me in.”

“Ca’mon in, I’ll make coffee, I have a feeling this is gonna’ take a while.”

“Don’t make it harder... please.”

“I’m not, I’m just making coffee.”

“David, I’m sorry, I should never have said that. It’s taken me three days of chewing my fingers to the bone worrying that I’ve screwed it up completely. See?”

“God, Connie, they’re bloody! Oh well, there are glue on ones.”

“David, I’m sorry. I know she’s your ex wife and you have to deal with her until it’s final, but you came home so torn up after the last time I lost it. You are NOT stupid for taking so long dealing with her. I was just so pissed at her I took it out on you. God, I’m so sorry.”

“She’s screwing with me on the house, she’s refusing to sell me her half.”

“I know.”

“Well yesterday the judge said she had to and she’s so pissed she lived. I love it. I goad her with it because she’s been adamant about not selling to me and I’m already under contract.”

“I love you, David. Can I stay?”

“...It has been three days...”

“God, you are a real horn dog!”

“Yep. And you love it.”

“God, yes...”
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