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Power of the mind
Deprogram to Reprogram your Mind

When you go to sleep, your conscious mind (your daily mind) shuts off, and your subconscious mind (when you sleep) comes in to play. So If you sleep with headphones in playing something that you wish for in your life or want to change, it doesn't play into your conscious mind but plays into your subconscious mind. It will be successful because 95% of the day you’re program will be seeking your wishes.

Think of the matrix film, when you are programmed, and you take the red pill to get out of the program. Imagine when you fall in love, it’s the equivalent of taking the red pill biologically. It’s called mind wandering, your conscious mind will be focused on the task, or your conscious mind can go off and start to think about things. The relevance of that is when the conscious mind is staying in front, and you are in absolute control of your wishes, desires, and where you want to be. But the moment your conscious mind takes off into a thought and thinking it lets go of the wheel and the autopilot takes over.

So if your mind is wandering and being run by the sub-conscious which is not always positive, when your account is straight forward in consciousness, you are in control of the vehicle (you). So falling in love is biologically demonstrated as the equivalent to the red pill because what it does is it keeps you mindful, keeps you conscious. You’ve got your new love in front of you, and it’s not the time to be ‘thinking’ about things because beforehand in your life, you might’ve thought experience was horrible every day. You’d ponder over all the things that bothered you, that you disliked and then you meet this person and 24hrs later it’s heaven on earth. In just 24 hrs you’re thinking, I am so in love, wow.......and your job doesn’t seem so bad, and food tastes excellent, and music sounds much better, and you feel better about yourself, and you look at life with new eyes. You have a spring in step and smile across your face, and everything seems so much better. What happened? All that negative thinking and in 24hrs its heaven on earth? The answer is, you were taking the red pill. That’s what falling in love is.

At that moment, you stop playing the program, and now you’re operating from the conscious creative mind, which by definition, is wishes and desires. Ask yourself, what do you want from your life? If you answer that question, it’s a creative answer and by definition is conscious, so your wishes and desires are in your conscious mind, not in from the unconscious mind. In an average persons life 5% of the day you’re moving towards that 95%, you’re playing the program. When you fall in love 90% of the day you’re now operating from the creative wishes and desires. You thought your life was rubbish and then 24hrs later you're working from dreams and aspirations and not playing the program and you’ve turned your earth into heaven from that moment.

And you wonder how come it doesn’t last? Because in everyday life, you still have to think about things, your job, your choices, your requirements, your chores and what you have to do and once you start thinking, then the conscious mind shuts off and guess what shows up? All those behaviours in the subconscious mind were 70% of negative thinking and while you both fell in love and both operating from the conscious mind with wishes and desires. All of a sudden, you start thinking, and this behaviour shows up, which includes your past, with concerns and emotional scars and your partner wonders where did that come from? Who are you? Haven’t I seen this side of you? I’ve never seen this behaviour in you? If you had of played that practice in the first date of communications with them maybe you never would have had a second meeting or communication, but now it shows up and why did it start showing up - because you stopped being mindful.

Reasoning is simple; you change the subconscious program.
Conscious mind - wishes and desires
Subconscious mind - program

What if you took the wishes and desires and made those programs? Guess what? You don’t even have to think about it. You’d automatically 95% of the day be enacting those behaviours to manifest those wishes and desires. So, re-programming the sub-conscious with hopes and aspirations means you don’t even have to think about it, you will be successful because 95% you’re automatic programming will be seeking your preferences.

Every night when you go to bed, just as you’re falling off to sleep the consciousness (your daily mind) is disconnecting. The next period of your brain operation while your awareness is disconnecting is called Theta. Which is the same brain function as it was in the first seven years of your life. So if you put a pair of headphones on at night with a program of what you want in life, as soon as your conscious mind disconnects, that program is playing. It’s not playing into your conscious mind, that’s shut off. It’s playing into your subconscious mind, also known as auto-hypnosis. You’ve just got to pick out what program you want to have that you don’t have already and play it and begin to see the changes.
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