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Understanding the mindset and appreciation of life
Life is so precarious. We’re so comfortable in being alive, doing the everyday thing we do. We live as though we are invincible, and we might say we know we are not. We might say we’re ‘living life’ we might be living every day making steps towards living a better life. We may have given up on what we BELIEVE is our ideal of living, and it’s clear we all have different models, different thoughts about what life means.

But one thing will always remain. No matter how switched on, we think we might be. No matter how intelligent you might think you are, no matter how observant and aware you might believe you are. No matter how secure you might feel you in life or not. No matter how fit we are or not are. Whichever mindset you hold about life and ideals of living.

One thing never changes.

No matter where you are in life or what you might think of your life. Everybody always takes for granted the delicate fragility of Life.

Some things we might experience, family members dying, loved pets dying, fatal accidents, murders, they will affect us massively and even change us for a time, but we always go back to that place. They are taking the fragility of life for granted. We are not invincible, and our lives are fragile, delicate, easily lost. We might lead our lives differently for a time after experiencing those tragedies above, but as human survivors, we survive, and we adapt. We become precisely how we were before, taking life for granted.

The reason we do this is because it is so daunting and mentally tiring living in a psychological mindset of what the truth is, the fact that we can be here one moment and gone in the next. Never seeing our precious loved ones again, never breathing air still, feeling the breeze on our flesh and sun on our skin and feeling that calm it gives us. We lose all the things that make life beautiful, and there are so so many beautiful things in this world, that we experience, be it encounters, the sensations of elements of the environment around us and how it affects our moods and thoughts, sounds and emotions.

Everything in life is about balance. The food we eat, the people we meet, natures seasons, birth, death, the good and the bad, all of it that changes how our bodies react, how we feel, how we respond, our emotions. If we balance our lives, we meet an equilibrium, and we exist in a better world we created for ourselves, only achieved by ourselves.

I watched some hardcore gore earlier. Not because I sought it out, I was watching one of the YT channels I subscribed to, and that lead me to a website. The YT channel I subscribed to isn’t into this stuff, more a researcher, an online journalist. Not only after seeing some videos that sincerely sent shockwaves through me (I am not going to detail them nor post links of them because they genuinely are horrifying) so that coupled with reading about someone meeting someone and days later they died. The person's backstory who died was unfortunate. As soon as I read it, it zoomed me into his world, his loss and his silent turmoil that took him to that point. He made a decision and then his life was over. His life was over because he couldn’t imagine continuing his world without his love, who died.

We live for connection, in all forms. We connect to people, and things, when we don’t have a link to people, and we begin to create a world around us to suit what makes us feel the most comfortable away from the truth. That being that without connection, we feel empty and lost. People hurt people, and words hurt people, scar people. So when we find a relationship with someone or something we don’t want to miss it, if we lose it, we feel we lost a part of ourselves.

But the mind is an exceptionally brilliant machine, our minds can and do dictate what our engines do. When you realise your mind is the most potent machine in existence, you understand how you can make your life exactly how you wish it to be. Our minds control our thoughts, and our emotions are just as powerful, often instigating our thoughts, whether they become positive, harmful, problem-solving, or giving up. Our minds can bring about physical pain, hallucinations, visions, natural remedies for our bodies. Our minds heal us and break us and the spirit, is yours. Yours to own, to manage, to nurture. How you own your mind is how you live your life.

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