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Take a look at what must change, this is only a small sample

Don’t be a hypocrite, it is time to become consistent
There should be no more humans or humanity
It must to be hupersons and hupersonity
No that’s not right “son” designates male


No more management but peoplement
Oops I used ment...Tsk tsk was that derogatory?

Many is out so lets only use “lots”
Women and woman are things of the past
Can’t think of a term that would really last

Permanent will never be heard again long lasting will gain in fame
All manufacturing will cease making it must replace
Emancipation gone without thought, freedom fills the spot

No more gentlemen to grace the world gone with romance to other fields
No longer will we have the maneuverability to get around

Nor commanders to guide our ships
Craftsmen will cease to exist and we can’t dismantle buildings or ships

Good bye Germans, performance, and maniacs (that might not be bad)
Discard your mantels, marksman, and nymphomaniacs

Thankfully nothing will be inhuman again and no one can demand
Nor be reprimanded, sadly no more manners and the ten commandments will fade

Manuscripts will cease to exist, manicurists will be polished away
Commandos will cease their battles, no more manifestos to clog our minds

Sadly germaniums will bloom no more, gone is manicotti from the store
Country dance can no longer allemande left nor right. No longer elemental tables to memorize, engines lose manifolds so they just won’t run

All these and many others were specifically created to belittle females, that was there only purpose. It goes back to ancient history and we must stamp it out.

We must rewrite every law, book both old and new, poem or song,redact all records – computer or print.

All words with man or son have to go and anyone who fails to exclude these should be severely punished.

Ridiculous, how can intelligent people look for insult in words that have come down through history with no ill intent? Yes, some words that were derogatory should be changed and banned, with that I agree.

I personally am distressed that a small vocal minority seeks to find discrimination in everything. Has anyone heard of reality?

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