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Rated: E · Poetry · Inspirational · #2206941
How we slowly to come to learn and understand what's most important in life.
The longer I live the more I come to realize
The fragility of life
Including things I've done wrong
And some things right.
The older we grow it seems
We slowly, imperceptibly learn
"To see the light"
In ourselves and others,
Be they particles or waves
Of treasures we discover...
Like family, friends and lovers.

In younger years we take for granted
Everything from rolling seas to countless stars
Not fully comprehending
Who and what we are.
While basking in blissful ignorance
Of the beauty that abounds
Inside our hearts, minds and souls
And every song and sound
From red-neck loons and music tunes
To the whisper of the wind
On a full-moon night by camp-fire light
With guitar pickin' friends.

Who knows how people grow
From childhood to adults?
Who or what put the growth in growing
Or the heart-beat in a pulse?
The answer lies beyond the sky,
Mystically moving and still
In the marrow of our bones...
It was there long before we were here
And will abide long after we're gone.
But we know IT's name
Despite all the games
We play from six to sixty
Trying to outsmart ourselves and one another
With all the nitty-gritty,
Down and dirty details of life: struggles and strife,
Trying to hang on, strive or climb up higher,
Dreaming of touching the peak of perfection
We all desire...

To have more than enough riches, adventures
And rambling down this road of wonderment,
While pondering gem-stone memories of the past...
All is as it should be
As few things ever last,
But true friendship and love
Made manifest from above.
For we incredibly lucky, bless-ed human beings:
Living, breathing, conceiving, achieving
But for a grain of sand in time
Before flying home to that Eternal, Blissful Beacon
Of Beauty, Wisdom, Hope and Grace
Shining down upon us always
From those unfathomable reaches
We hope to find, transcending
Our universe and space.

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2206941-The-Fragility-of-Life