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9/11/2001 was a very eventful day. These were my immediate thoughts on the tragedy
Oh Georgy, Oh Georgy so what will you do
with your B52 in the Sky
We’ll take it and bomb all bin Laden’s foxholes
and we’ll take it to bomb Taliban we will
We’ll take it to smash Taliban

Oh Tony, Oh Tony have you found the man
who slaughtered the Twins in the sky
To take him and kill him in Afghanistan
you’ll need a good cunning plan you will
Have you got the best cunning plan

Osama, Osama now why did you go
and pay for this terror campaign
Just think of Mohammad and what he would do
would he go and do all the same today
Would he go and do all the same

The Mothers, or Fathers with ten thousand kids
and ten thousand dreams turned to dust
Alone in New York and Washington too
Ten thousand nightmares are dreamed by you
ten thousand nightmares a day

Oh Jesus, Oh Jesus now what will you do
to stop all this misery today
It took me three days in old Gallilee
my spirit I left with you then I did
My spirit I leave with you still

Oh Liberty, Liberty now ring your bell
and ask not for whom the bell tolls
For dearer than all of the wealth in this world
is the love that you breath in your soul today
The love that you breath in your soul

Oh Georgy, Oh Tony and Osama b
will you ever see what you’ve done
Jesus went out and died for the peace
for the peace of all nations and you he did
The peace of all nations and you

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