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Minutes of meeting held at Hardies on 6 November 2019
Those attending: Ron, Don R, Bob B, Don D, Bob O, Roger.

The meeting was called go order at 1830hrs.

Treasurer's Report . Beginning Balance . $3840.98..... Ending Balance. $4170.28

Secretary's Report. Tendered.

The members approved and accepted the Treasurer's and Secretary's Report.

Old Business:

Weed killer was applied to the flying field in early September. What was left over has been saved for next year.

An Election of Officers was held. Those listed below were selected to serve in 2020.

Don D, President
Don R, Secretary
Bob O, Treasurer
Larry C, Safety Officer
Roger D, Indoor Flying Coordinator

A motion was made to accept the officer slate. The motion was accepted and the vote was unanimous.

Don D applauded the selection and said "So be it!"

Field Maintenance: The final mowing was done and the cut finalized at one and a half inches. Winterization on the spreader was completed, the bushings packed with grease and it works well. The shed is more roomy than it used to be since the sweeper was sold. Linda B ordered a new wind sock which will be ready by Spring.

New Business:

Bob O said he will be spending about 500 on fertilizer.

Rick Clark volunteered a cub cadet lawnmower. Bob O said he would pick it up.

A vote was taken on funding the web site for two more years.

A discussion took place on where the road has settled and it was decided to get a load of dirt this Spring.

A motion was made to skip the January and March meetings. It was agreed to keep Hardies as a backup.

A motion was made to adjourn a 1904hrs. It was made by Ron and seconded by Bob O.

Rober P Barclay

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