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Rated: 13+ · Monologue · Emotional · #2207108
The outcry of the betrayed Warren McGarrison to his brother from Tartamás’ga prison.
Treachery becomes me time has stopped
The twilight of my life has caved in by my maker - my brother
We had fought we survived and vowed to die both together
Yet you failed you have cowered you have ran
In pursuit of your dreams you abandoned your seed
Fratricide You commit as the price to begin
To go out in the world free from me to escape any threat of your fame - you will burn.
Why did you leave me to die in this hole in the cold, Myron?
How and when did your conscience turn gray?
In this pit I called out for your name in vain.
Cause by then when revealed what you’ve done, you far out long gone I
Get a life was your theme - now you’ve damned it to hell
Now I slave and I rot in this grave pit
so that you can forget the degree of your sin!
You will burn
Left confused and to grieve on what could have made you do this.
Here’s the shadow of guilt and regret of my heresy you claimed no me
Now in chains I atone for your choices and time
Little brother the lamb to your slaughter
Tartamasga - here I lay - here I pray
Until I cannot shed any tears anymore
For my wrath will consume my despair
Then you’ll run when you meet my stare
When I climb out and show you I cared
Then we’ll see which of us becomes scared.
And you’ll fall in this hole and compare
Then you’ll see what your deeds have prepared
And you will finally get your share

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2207108-Treachery-Becomes-Me