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48-Hour Challenge Media Prompt. 500 word count.
Happy; the perfect name for a song to do what you want to do. Like a room without a roof. Can you just imagine how that would make you feel? The freedom to boogie, breathing in the fresh air; taking you to a place where you can dance to your heart's content, never worrying what other people think. You are who you are; you're smiling away just enjoying the day. Your smile is precious; it's contagious; it makes other people join right in to have what you've got.

When I heard this song for the first time, it invigorated me to the point of wanting to dance non-stop; a marathon so wonderful that I wouldn't get tired. It's the adrenaline rush of feeling so good that my face glowed when I smiled. I love to go where the music takes me, using my own free style of dancing. The dancing lifts me up whenever I am down or feeling blue.

Feeling a bit goofy or groovy is okay too; feeling on the silly side of things, the ideal way for laughter to show its course is by getting a giggly sensation throughout your body. What a joyous celebration of kindness that one can do for themselves!

When Pharrell Williams was a judge on the television show, "The Voice", I admired the fact that he cares for the ones that sing, by encouraging them to succeed. I know that I've imagined myself being on "The Voice", however, I've been told by a friend that my voice wasn't good enough. My father always believed in me by saying that I can do anything that I put my mind to do. The song, "Happy" reminds me of my dad that way. I love to sing, and if I had some voice lessons from a private instructor, I believe that I could do it. Having optimism goes a long way, having negative thoughts just doesn't cut it.

A lively duo with your best friend puts the song back into your heart, strengthening your vocal cords to produce that loud audible sound. A nice time to sing rounds that capture the very best harmony with a beautiful sound is in treasuring these moments together, helping you want to stick around.

Jumping into the air and kicking up your heels helps you do flips and wiggles; it also helps you spin around like a top. What fun! Seems like you're having a swell day; a fine way of showing to the world just how happy we are, and that's a very good sense of accomplishment. Accomplishment gives you a boost of excitement that keeps on growing and growing. Your excitement is what draws you into the existence of a lifetime; that special joy inside that is full of radiance or an aura that sparkles with a delightfulness so big that the spark of a good attitude is relevant in any situation.

Happy Happy Happy Happy; it's a great feel-good song for having happiness in life.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Wednesday, December 4, 2019
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