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I requested a story from Gachabork on Aryion. Read at your whim.
“T-this should be it, I think..” Belgium looked up from her map at the large log cabin. Scrawled on her parchment was the address to Ukraine’s abode, a friendly invitation from a fellow food aficionado in a time of winter crisis. The bitter winter air was approaching zero, and it wouldn’t be long before Belgium succumbed. Her coat having failed long ago and her ginger hair becoming frosted at the tips, she wasted no time in marching through the snow to the cabin’s entrance. She rang the doorbell, antsy for some warmth but anxious about if she got the right house or not.
A seemingly familiar voice made itself heard as the door creaked open before Belgium. “Belgium! It’s been a while! Come in, come in.” The warm, tender nature of Ukraine cut right through the cold atmosphere hounding Belgium, who scurried into the cabin for warmth and quickly kneeled by the fire. Ukraine giggled as she squirmed, twirling her own snow-white hair.
As the two caught up with each other, Ukraine noticed Belgium wasn’t doing too hot. Her skin a pale blue and hair still frosted, she decided she needed to take some action. The fireplace simply wouldn’t do, her friend needed someplace more nourishing. Ukraine stood up and began to zip down her heavy winter clothes, unbothered by the chill temperature of her house even indoors. Belgium herself was surprised, unsure of what kind of friend Ukraine thought her to be!
“U-Ukraine, what are you doing?” Belgium stammered as Ukraine threw off her coat to reveal a cozy white tank top and grey yoga pants.
“I’m making sure you don’t freeze. If I don’t get you someplace warm and comfortable, you’ll freeze. Now please, calm down before you enter, it’s important you stay relaxed.” Belgium steadily approached, still unsure of her friend’s motives.
“E-enter where?” She stammered once more.
A soft giggle came from an aroused Ukraine, who slowly opened her mouth fully, and then some more. Her jaw seemed to unhinge itself, her throat turning into a doorway as her neck stretched. When she was finished, her gaping maw could easily fit a person, her chin needing to be supported with her hands as it was dislocated. Ukraine motioned for her friend to get inside, as this was an uncomfortable position for her. Belgium immediately obliged, throwing off her heavy clothes and jumping in before the air could affect her.
It was actually a bit tighter fit then Belgium thought, a good 3 quarters of her still sticking out of Ukraine’s mouth. Ukraine herself had to get down on her stomach, her friend’s body pulling down on her outstretched jaw which was now touching the floor. Ukraine moaned slightly as her throat involuntarily slurped her prey down in short bursts. A quick clench and a few inches of progress followed by a squelch, and relaxation to prepare for the next clench. This continued for a good ten minutes or so, Ukraine outstretched on the floor as her growing stomach tried to accommodate more and more of the girl sinking into it.
Once Belgium’s ass finally fit down Ukraine’s throat, she thought she was on the homestretch, but it was another harsh few minutes as Ukraine slurped up her friend’s thick, padded legs. Ukraine groaned as her jaw returned to normal, bones cracking as she got it back into place. She could barely muster the strength to move herself, unaware of just how heavy Belgium was. Her gigantic belly wedged itself between her and the floor, making it difficult for her to get the leverage to stand up. “Mmf..” She groaned as she could feel squirms coming from a restless prey within, as well as some muffled speech she couldn’t make out. “She tasted so good, I’m actually kinda horny.. I know I shouldn’t do it in her presence, but.. well, she’s not technically around, so one little session couldn’t hurt.. going to be a while before she comes back out anyways.” She reached around her back and slipped down her yoga pants, letting them fall down her belly and onto the floor. For good measure, she let her tank top drop down as well. Her body totally nude and perched on top of her groaning belly, her loins were on fire, screaming for attention. It was barely a moment before she spurted a heavy white cream thick enough to almost douse the fireplace, but she continued knowing nobody would be around to check on her. She could feel squirms coming from her meal, discomforted due to the stomach walls clenching around her and threatening to move her into the smaller, more tubular space. “If it’s any consolation, honey..” Ukraine cooed. “..the first time always hurts a bit.~”
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