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Sometimes it pays to take a closer look.

Word Count: 298

Skin Deep

The Oasis Resort Hotel's Aqua Bar droned with chatter as I drained my Heineken and slapped the empty on the bar. Considering ordering another, someone slapped my arm, shouting, "Harv? Harvey Wilson?"

I blinked at my assailant. I blinked again. No! "Say, Rango. You old coot. It's gotta be twenty years."

"At least," Rango said, resting his cane against the bar as he settled on the next stool. I seen you earlier with a good looking blonde. Your daughter?"

A grin spread across my face. "Nope. That's Ilene. My lady, and you won't believe she's our age."

Rango's jaw dropped. "No. You're kiddin' me. Those curves, and her face, not a wrinkle. Regal, I'd say."

I chuckled, almost knuckle-rubbing my chest. "She sure knows how to take care of herself. Been seeing her a month. She said it was time we got to know each other better." I waggled my eyebrows at my long-lost buddy. "That's what this weekend's all about. Speakin' of which, I better go."

Admiration shone in Rango's eyes when he punched my shoulder 'goodbye'. My heart racing, I let myself into our hotel room and froze, staring at the intruder sprawled on our bed. Draped in a bathrobe, an old hag with short-cropped, grey hair and hallowed cheeks glared at me over her spectacles.

"Why, Harvey. Looks like you seen a ghost," she gummed. My mouth unhinged. Beside a blond wig, dentures bubbled in a glass of water on the bedside table. Those piercing blue eyes, though. I knew them, and my stomach shrunk.

"Uh...sorry, Ilene. I didn't recognise you."

She gave me a throaty chuckle. "Oh, Harvey. You're such a tease. Come here and rub my feet. My bunions are hurtin' me."

She wiggled her gnarled toes, and I nearly puked.

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