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This humor/proposal piece is meant to show that the Empire from Star Wars is good.

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Reed Meyer

October 31, 2019

Shining a light on the 'Dark' Side

In the futuristic Star Wars saga, the Empire presides over the majority of planets and peoples in existence. On its face, the Empire's galactic grasp seems notorious. But rarely has anyone contemplated whether the Empire operates for good. Within the multi-film adventure, the perspectives that form about the Empire are generally portrayed from the vantage of the Rebellion and its testy protagonists. They propagandize that the Empire fights solely for nefarious reasons. This narrative continues unchecked, effectively casting the Empire in a dustructive, manipulative, and aggressive light. Yet, the portion of intergalactic strife owing to the rebels hardly receives any scrutiny. Upon further inspection, the Empire clearly forms and exists within the saga to create a universal, peace-keeping government for the good of the galaxy despite the Rebellion's juvenile depiction of it.

If the rebels and their political project are based on teenage-level desires to buck authority, then they cannot be trusted in their assessment of the Empire. Pro-rebel Star Wars fans come to the Rebellion's aid because of all the anti-Empire propaganda that has influenced them since the 1970s; they argue that rebels have started many good movements throughout history: the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and so on. Yet, the worst rebellions in history outshadow these, leaving them in the dark: Mao Zedong's Cultural Revolution in China, which led to the execution of tens of millions of innocent Chinese; the Russian Revolution which led to Joseph Stalin leading the Soviet Union and having twenty million executed; and also Adolf Hitler's notorious attempted extermination of European Jews and other groups started with rebelion.

Notwithstanding this, any juvenile reasons that pro-rebel supporters harbor for believing the Empire to be evil do not stand up to the overwhelming economic stimulus sponsored by the Empire. One may cite the construction of peace-keeping ships, or the jobs provided to countless races that enlisted in the imperial army, hoping for education, employment, and a brighter future. One may invoke the Empire's power to govern was voted on by a democratic body of senators who represent these races. Or, perhaps most obvious, one may refer to the construction of the Death Star, the most ambitious public works project ever to be imagined or undertaken by intelligent life. Then, one may reasonably ask if this is what the pro-rebel camp considers necessary to destroy--law, order, and economic security.

Moreover, what makes the Rebellion so good? Is it the fact that the rebels depend on the counsel of an intergalactic religious order known as the "Jedi," which abducts children at a tender age and forces them to train in mortal combat? These Jedi steal children from their families and homes, forcing them to believe that the Empire is responsible for all that is wrong in the world. Moreover, the Jedi simply label the Empire and its rebel defectors as "the Dark Side '' without ever presenting their abductees with the freedom or sufficient knowledge to choose their own path. Conversely, as an adult might lovingly explain to a child it hopes to watch grow and make wise, informed decisions for itself one day, the proponents of the Empire continually explain in full the bigger picture as to why it does what it does. The Jedi and rebels do the opposite: they lie by omission.

Clearly, the Rebellion and its proponents, including even pro-rebel supporters (fans) who think as childishly as the rebels themselves, cannot defend their teenage take on the otherwise ethical Empire. The Rebellion is too hypocritical to be taken seriously in its assessment of the Empire and its ambitions: the rebels say they fight for peace, yet they are the only ones instigating conflict. Also, the morals of their leadership are flawed. In addition to the questionable actions of the quasi-religious order of the Jedi, the Rebellion employs traitors and bounty hunters in its ranks to lead as generals. It does not offer its fighters an education or economic security, but nevertheless it brainwashes them into destroy the democratically elected galactic government. Given that the Rebellion destroys the Death Star, or the galaxy's best hope for lasting, universal peace, one may say that these are rebels without a cause.

Self Reflection

Having never faced a humor/proposal essay in my career, I found it difficult to incorporate humor. Having researched multiple satirical essays before starting my essay helped guide me toward the goal but also gave me new ideas on how I could incorporate humor in areas that were not evident in my research. For example, me arguing that the Empire from Star Wars are the "good" guys is humorous in itself. I learned that exact technique from my example essay and I wrote about that topic because it matched my example. However, I was able to add my own humor that I did not find in my example essay. This was evident when I continually claimed that the Rebels were childish and juvenile.

Having this type of intellectual freedom to write about something you are passionate about and adding humor to it was something that I have never experienced before in my life. Most, if not all the essays I have written ask that I write to sound professional and informative. Going away from that norm and writing a humorous essay, I had much creative freedom that I never felt before. This opportunity shined in my essay as I was able to express myself regarding something that I love. I understand now that I enjoy writing about topics that allow me to have fun with my writing. I feel free and unchained, able to take my writing to the extreme.

Having a professional example to guide me through the process was less helpful than I had expected. I had prenotions that I would follow the example and finish my essay with ease. Rather than follow the essay guide, I took my own path to express my proposal and humor. Obviously there were things that the example offered but I believe that the professional essay only offered me ideas that I could expand upon. Ultimately, I found that this essay was one of my favorite essays to write. I hope that in the future I will be able to expand my knowledge on humor and proposal essays.

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