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by Enoch
Rated: E · Poetry · Emotional · #2207277
Between reality and dreams...
Consistent heartbeats that I heard produced by Electrocardiogram,
You're looking to the windows as your thoughts continuously come.
I held your hands while I look into your face, giving you a smile,
Then you noticed that I am shaking for a while.

You looked at me, then I saw your eyes, giving me the happiest stare,
All I felt to that moment is your pain, but still you care.
How am I suppose to fight this life once you left me here alone?
Surely, this heart will preserve itself and turn into a stone.

You looked to the window once again as the sun rays hit your face,
Then you pointed your finger to the endless skies, you said that you can't help but to feel amazed.
I don't understand why in this point of your life, you are thankful for the little things,
While I still believed that we are the pointless, cursed and devastated beings.

As you stare in that window, I felt a tiny presence of you vanishing away,
So I held your hands with both of my hands, asking you non-verbally to stay.
Your pulse rate started to drop slowly and the heartbeats are starting to sound inconsistent.
I stood up and planning to run to the Doctor's Office to inform them on that moment.

You held my hand before I started to run, so I stopped and looked to you once again,
Your hands trembling, eyes weeping but still smiling, I felt that your presence will come to an end.
I must save you before your heart stops permanently...
When I heard your voice that made me even more angry.

"Let me rest..." A three worded phrase that killed my emotion instantly,
I refuse to give up, I refuse to believe that this will be your final destiny.
You looked at me with that cheerful smile, trying to show me that you are strong and happy,
But your hands that holds me are starting to lose energy and your heartbeat's slowing rapidly.

You laid down, and looked at the window until you closed your eyes,
The hands that held me all of the sudden has no energy to grip and will never again rise.
In that moment, you didn't breathe, looking at the window and smiling still,
If I ran to the Doctor's Office, he should be alive right now. I don't know what to feel.

You said to me that we will have our own family,
And we will live in this world enduring the trials, whether sad or happy.
A ring that you gave me when you held my hand when I was about to leave, was the only thing that I can hold onto,
I will never give up, I need you alive. I want to endure the pain in this world with you.

I ran to the Doctor's Office, and as I ran, the walls started to distort,
Fighting the pain and struggle in order to find my comfort.
Then I saw a window when I opened my eyes from a blink,
I saw you looking at me from the window, and I started to think.

You are looking at the window most of the time,
And now I realized that you are staring at me as I continuously climb.
Then you gazed at someone who happens to look like me,
You gave her a ring that she didn't even notice the beauty.

You laid down, looked at me then you closed your eyes,
It hurts to see you pretending fine and being strong until you die.
Seeing it two times made me realize the reality,
That this will be your last memory.

Then, I woke up, gasping and trying to catch my breath,
I cannot remember that man, but I remember his death.
When I looked into my hands, I saw a ring on my finger,
That is being hit by the sun rays on this fine weather.

Then I saw the man in my dreams, walking down the stairs,
Looking at me with the same stare as what I remember in my dreams, with the ring that happens to be my pair.
He walked towards me, kissed my forehead, and there I knew,
I am thankful that I can still walk with you, in this world full of pain and truth.
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