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Something I wrote for me to understand you and visaversa if you like cool

You can either read this or not it is truly just words but if you read it and feel differently, ok.

It won’t change who I am and why I wrote it. Just that maybe share it but it won’t change me.

Everyone can tell you how they "feel", a blind person, a deaf person, and a baby. They all have a way to portray how the feel physically or emotional. From a human standpoint and thought process perspective not everyone can understand. No matter how many times someone tells you the exact same sentence, there is no guarantee that you will understand truly how they feel. Everyone is different and no one person is perfect regardless of what they think. I can admit I can't fully understand how the feel, I 100% am uncertain I am certain I will never understand every person or situation exactly as it should be.
To become a good talker and thinker you have to become a good listener. Most people don't actually realize you do all 3 at the same time. If you think before you say or do you don't come to conclusions based off of your what you are taught to believe. To think of something differently isn't always different but to a person who doesn't understand it thinks it is either 2 side. You know the old saying, "There are two sides to every story"? Yeah that is partially true when in a deep thinking process you can come to a theory that there are infinite possibilities of any particular moment of time. When you investigate something, you shouldn't always try to prove the obvious wrong but to prove the obvious is right. At the point you are certain and have answered all of the questions to prove the easiest part you have liking come to a conclusion. But at the same time, you should try to prove that your conclusion could also be wrong. The point I am trying to make is that any decision you make you can truly blame on someone else. No one is ever 100% truly at fault for their actions. You are reading that sentence and saying "bullshit". Like i said before I am not afraid to admit I am a hypocrite but at the same time if I can't myself prove, regardless of if you can prove to me, I have to prove to myself that my conclusion is wrong not because my immediate observation can't be right but in order for it to be right I have to prove it is wrong. To prove your best judgment from what you were taught from someone else taught them and so on would take so long that it comes to a point of trade off. Do you keep driving yourself crazy when you feel with your gut instinct that the possibility of it you being right is better if you let multiple people come to the same conclusion. When there is a court case trial, one side has to prove the other side wrong right? No, the attorneys have to prove to the jury or the judge that the instinct they were taught is wrong. At this point if you truly think about the process before a verdict is made based on how it was explained to the jury a person could question their morals and everything that was instilled in them by either their conclusion of something, how they were taught, or how they were raised, their current mental state, their social life, the media, and so on. At the same time the hypocrite in me agrees with the moral of humanity, if someone held the gun to someone's head and the person died from a shot to the head I would instinctly and morally come to the conclusion the person holding the gun to their head pulled the trigger that killed them. Most of you would also come to that same result because so much time has passed when someone has said what right and wrong are that we know that someone holds a gun to the head of someone else and that person dies and the timing and everything that is explained out from what we know from instinct if it seems that way than it probably is. I would come to the same conclusion. The court proved to 9/10 jury members that at a specific time, place, moment, etc. the person holding the gun to the other person's head based off of evidence from the investigators from the corpse and the scene of the crime that the man pulled the trigger at the moment that killed the man that is now dead. The shell casing, the prints on the gun, the trajectory of the shot, the blood splatter, etc. The scene of the crime and the events leading up to the point the second before and right after the shot was fired, all of the evidence every one of the 9/10 jurors thought every aspect through to the point they were all thinking the exact same details and situations. NO, that is a true impossibility based off of what we know about humans, a person will only understand a situation that they come to a conclusion that makes the most sense to them. At the same time because of morals people come to the same conclusion because we know right from wrong based off of what we were told. If no one taught us that grass is green or even the fact grass is grass and the color green is green and who ever invented or came up with those definitions we wouldn't be certain that grass is green. But because someone decided for us at some point in history that grass is grass and green is green, we instantly come to the instinct it is what we were told because we don't know of it in any other way. There are multiple reasons for this and I will get back to the trial shortly, people only know things as they were shown or taught and how the person who made that decision long ago somewhere in history taught it to us based on whoever told them understood it. Everything is really a circle that keeps getting bigger so then it becomes a spiral as people question it to where people get so engulfed in already "knowing" what it means without understanding life to the point that so many people come to the same conclusion that was started and questioned long ago that we lazily agree. Unless you are color blind you know grass is green, you don't think grass is green, you know when you truly don't only because someone told you it was because someone told them the same thing until it just became the norm. A critical thinker will try to find a way to either prove it wrong or try to prove that persay grass is red. The saying I came up for many situations granted after typing all of this i now question the saying more than ever is "It doesn't have to make sense, for it work". No, you look at that saying and may wonder, does that even make sense? What is he talking about? What is that supposed to mean? There are many different questions you can ask to try to figure out what I am trying to say or do. You can have 5 questions, the next person could have 10, and the next 20, and so on until there are infinite possibilities of how to question a statement. You don't truly know what I am talking about until I tell you right? You don't know how I think, I mean you may have an idea based off of reading this but you truly don't know what i am trying to do unless I tell you what it means because I took words and put them in a way that makes sense to me. You can use the same statement and it can mean whatever you want it to mean, and the next person too. But no one will know how you see it unless you tell them if you can explain it in a way to them that they understand and they question is no more. Back to the trial now that you are thinking about it, which is exactly what I wanted the statement to mean, is it possible the man they say killed the other man didn't actually fire the shot and kill him? Yes, there are infinite questions and possibilities the keep branching off because you are trying understand it from a different point of view. People make the claim we didn't evolve when science Cleary shows that human evolved from something, but because we didn't either prove it to ourselves or were there when the moment happened and seen it with our own eyes and played as many possible scenarios in our head of why it is true or why it is false or someone doing it and admitting to it that it actually happened the way that we see it. We can't know everything, this is why we have good people and bad people, why we have opposites, why we have the ability to even makes decisions. This is why religion exists, why laws exist, why we say "grass is green" because at some point in time someone had to question it to then come up with something that makes sense to them. It could have taken multiple people to come to the same conclusion. It could have taken 9/10 people to question it to get to a point that sometime in the future we can say we know grass is not red and likewise it is green.
If we don't question the decisions we make and think differently all life would come to a standstill even animals question themselves or make decisions. This is why life itself and the meaning of life can never be known because even when you think you "know" 100% because you have questioned the things that would possibly make sense to "you" as an individual are actually based on someone else's observation of different situations that all lead to what we would call the most obvious.
But because history, how we were taught, how everything came to be as we see it now doesn't mean it makes sense to every single person who ever lived someone is going to question it and either keep questioning it or come to the conclusion that either they want they know how to get to, or because they just give up on questioning things because they are tired of questioning it.
Humans need each other, life needs death, we know we need oxygen, we know grass is green, we think we know because after someone questioned something, there either did their best or they gave up. We aren't as unique as we have always been told. If 9/10 people come to the same conclusion at the same time then only 9 people exist and they all share the same brain, the same understanding, the same everything until you come to a conclusion 9=1 which is confusing because you know based off of what you have been taught that you should question why 9 would equal 1. Now you have to figure out how to get to the point where 9 can equal one based off of how you were taught to do math. But in reality if you would just take my word for it you don't have to question it because I told you right before I said 9=1 I told you 9 people in a room who all think the same way, look the same, scientifically need the same thing can't in your mind and mine come to a conclusion that 9 people are all the same person. Now you are trying to figure either how it works or how it doesn't and thinking of ways for it to be right or wrong.
I am not claiming to be the "know it all" some of kind of "savior" better than anyone else or that I am perfect. Being different is perfect, living is dying, love is hate, up is down, or maybe different can be perfect, living can be dying, love can be hate, up can be down. Maybe I look like an idiot and maybe I look like a genius. Maybe I a a flawed computer program slowing shutting down. Us as humans have no meaning to life, you create your own for whatever feels best and makes the most sense to you, the fact that you question the meaning of life means you are human. Life is what you want it to be and there is always a way to get it to be the way you want it to be but you cannot make it that way without questions, you can have opposites without there opposites, you can have life without death, you can't breathe with no air. What i am getting to is that the saying "it doesn't have to make sense for it to work" is right and wrong and unless you fully think through it and read everything, I just typed you can't make sense of why I said it. You can read it and make it mean whatever you want, you can decide that I am full of shit, but based off of what I understand about how I came to the conclusion of wanting it to mean what it means by explaining it so you understand my view of it you won't know that it truly doesn't matter if it doesn't have to make sense for it to work makes you "think" or not because it is to make you think of reasons why and why not you come to your opinion, I know what I want it to mean and I know what I want it to do because someone taught me how to talk and listen and understand myself and my thoughts a little better than I thought yesterday or even a minute ago. There are infinite possibilities just like the next word I type.

That gap gives you a point to wonder and think what the next word I would type would be. Granted the possibilities are infinite and all. Or in this instance is nothing, but there can never truly be nothing, even when you are dead and less no one gave birth to you and you never met a human you may ask the question do you even exist.
The "moral" of the stories is right is right and wrong is wrong because "it doesn't have to make sense to everyone for what you want it to mean" You are you because you were created and molded from everyone else, we are all one we are all yeah there are differences but to say that we are ONE is to say that I have thought through as much as I can or want to that i think my point is across to me and i understand what i want.
I don't have to care about your opinion but for the sake of argument I do. We are ONE because I am ONE because that is what I want ONE to mean which is why "it doesn't have to make sense to you so it works for me" we are the same but unique in the sense no one can be ALL, ALL CANNOT BE ONE, LIFE CANNOT BE DEATH, because individually we decide who are and who we become because we are who we are and who we are doesn't have to make sense to us to make sense. I can type all of this to myself because I want to and don't have to care about how you see it, i just wanted you to think of your thinking and thoughts and how you can make things better for yourself by thinking and how being selfish isn't always a bad thing. The way we were taught and came to believe doesn't have to be right but you have to think. For me I had to type this to me to play out how to put my thoughts into words in a way that I understand, it doesn't have to make sense for it to work for me or you!!!
I love you me, I love you you.
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