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by Norman
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I was born with dancing feet
Me llamo Alfonso Mango.
But you can call me Joe.
I used to do the tango
with a pretty girl I know.

That girl was once my partner
but those days now have passed.
She left me for another;
I knew it wouldn’t last.

You see I was unfaithful.
I’d found another girl.
And when we did the salsa
you should have seen her twirl.

But that girl too has left me
because I wasn’t true.
My new love sways the mambo
and does a cha-cha too.

You see I just can’t help it,
I was born with dancing feet.
They need to keep on moving
when they hear a Latin beat .

I think I’ve found my dream now.
This latest girl I’ve seen
can rumba and can samba
just like a jumping bean.

She is the greatest dancer.
There’s no one to compare.
I’m going to approach her;
we’ll be the perfect pair.

I know if I am with her
that we’ll win every prize.
The judges will applaud us.
They won’t believe their eyes.

And we’ll go down in history,
she and my dancing feet.
And I can hang my shoes up.
My life will be complete.

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