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I'm just writing this to prove that any topic can be written about
         I've never seen anyone write about those little limes before, so I thought that I would write a few interesting facts about the good old lime. Here's my best shot at a little know topic.

         The good old lime is a citrus fruit, that is normally round and green in color. The lime is normally around 3–6 centimeters in diameter and contains a delicious juice. The lime grows on a tree and there are at least four different varieties of limes.

         There are many different health benefits of limes. Limes are free of fat, cholesterol, and preservatives. Limes are a great source of vitamin C, as well as a good source of potassium and fiber. Limes are low in sodium and calories with just 200 calories in a medium size lime. Limes are an excellent salt substitute, sweet salad dressing, and a base for sauces.

         The lime is often used to accent flavors in foods. Limes make a great fresh limeade and key lime pie. I once bought a one dollar taco from out of a taco truck and was given a lime to squeeze over the taco meat, and that turned out to be a really tasty treat. If all else fails you can always take a wedge of a lime and stick it on a bottle of beer or bite into it just before drinking a shot of tequila. So the next time someone ask you what you can use a lime for, you'll know the answer.

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