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Crashed and crashed, how Richard learned to time shift, and Janus got his Groove on.
Richard, woke up groggy, groaning, and hurting, everything became cold and faded...again.

Richard, woke up groggy, groaning, and hurting, everything became cold and faded...again.

Janus, woke up groggy, groaning and babbling, this time though, eyestar and Nixie were leaning over him, "focus", Nixie punctuated her words with a light slap, "nobody knows what your talking about."

He didn't mind the little slap, but he felt bad that nobody knew what he was talking about, he felt the coldness coming back, but before the fading started he felt Maryann shake his shoulder, "uh uh, stay with us fella', we're all here for you".

Feeling better, he felt a flash of heat. Suddenly he was on his feet, being supported on either side as he gained his footing. Lornda was giving him candy, "eat this, popping a jolly rancher in his mouth, "it'll make you feel better."

His mind slowly clearing, he began to make connections. Negative feelings and thoughts caused the cold, fading backwards jump in time. Too Happy? A hot flashy jump forward beyond the moment that made him feel so good. So he thought to himself, "sad takes me back in time, happy sends me forward", shaking his head, speaking out loud, "this is going to be hard to control."

Stoically, he concentrated on the here and now, wondering what this new found ability had in store for him?

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