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A Mass Effect fan fiction about life for Garrus after the Reaper war, and his final fight
Chapter 1

“Since the end of the Reaper War, the galaxy has been in a period of uneasy peace and harmony. I spent my life preparing for war, fighting the evil of life and bring balance and justice across the galaxy. A child of Palaven, a son of C-sec and a follower of Shepard. I have gone across the galaxy and done things, that none of you here today will ever be prepared, or have to do. In my time i have hunted down and executed a Salarian organ thief. Worked with the first human spectre to bring down a Reaper controlled Spectre. Created the legend of Ark-angle and brought balance too Omega. And during the battle for Earth, ran with Shepard until the final moments of the battle. I did what Turians are taught to do, to defend the race. But what we are not trained for is to live in peace. I have watched the galaxy be complacent for too long. I have already seen a council murdered, and other brought down through inaction and blind ignorance. I speak to you today, as the new Turian Councillor, in full knowledge that my appointment to this place is one that will upset and make people uneasy. But i finish by saying this in all urgency and seriousness. The galaxy came together to stop the end of life, and now we are disbanded. We must not only allow unity in those circumstances, if we unite now, more will survive, and we will prosper”

Applause rings out through the chambers of the Citadel’s Council Chamber, Turian homes and the Earth Parliament, where newly elected Canadian representative former Alliance Commander and Spectre Kaiden Alenko stands to reply to the maiden speech of newly appointed Turian Councillor, Garrus Vakarian. Cutting back to the Council chamber various reports start their commentary on the maiden speech of one of the most famous Turians in the Galaxy.

“Well Contos as you can see the crowd in the chamber is very happy to hear what the new Councillor has to say. Since proving himself to be a war time leader to his people, and was made senior aid and chief adviser to Primarch Victus, before teaching new recruits in sniper training and leadership, it wasn’t unexpected that he would wind up in a seat of Galactic Government. Though of course its well known that it was his former leader and suspected lover Commander Shepard who taught him the importance the kind of position…..and as we can know see after that long ovation the Councillor is now leaving the podium” the camera pans away from the Turian news reporter to the back of newly appointed Councillor Garrus Vakarian.

Walking to the bottom of the walkway Garrus passes his two newly appointed C-Sec bodyguards. An Earthborn Human, Sargent Walter Kennedy and a Citadel native Turian Vitro Lanx. The two had just been appointed to the legendary figure, but already had began to see past the legend and discovered the person. Garrus had quickly dispersed with the traditional formalities of guards being seen and not heard, and would often bounce ideas and tactics of the two men.

“So tell me boys, how badly did that go” Garrus quipped to his guards
“Not bad sir, good to see you ignored the silent credit sign in future” replied Kennedy
“What about you kid. Did i do the homeland proud” Garrus questioned
“No disrespect sir, but too many words. Should have just been simple. You fuck with the Council, the Council fucks with you” the young Turian smirked.
“Hahaha, kid i finally understand why Shepard used to berate me in the early days.” Garrus said before turning into his office.

Garrus walked over and sat behind his desk, twisting a photo to be more in his eye-line, and picking up a model weapon and a screwdriver. The guards stepped in-front of the desk waiting to be assigned to a position. Kennedy is able to side eye the picture that Vakarian twisted, but being a more senior officer knows to keep his mouth shut on the matter, but not senior enough to hide his curiosity. Whereas Lanx lacks any knowledge of professional silence and straight up asks his new protectee “why you tinkering with a toy sir”.
Garrus doesn’t even look away from his model when answering “It keeps me busy. Top tip in keeping me safe and you at the top of your game, ABC”
“ABC sir” replied the confused guard.
“Always Be Calibrating” ‘oh and Kennedy, that’s the final photo of the surviving squamates of Commander Shepard (he pauses and looks at the photo) just before we left to bring down Cerberus and defeat the Reapers” Garrus looks intently at the photo before adding “we were the hero’s and legends of yesterday, were just old warriors and statesman now”

“Some of us are older than others” a deep booming voice commands as it enters the room.
The guards draw there pistols pointing them at the hulking figure the entered the room
“You going to tell them to put the guns down Garrus, or will I make them” as a grin becomes visible
Garrus rises from his desk and puts out his arm “Put them away boys. I don’t want my first act as a councillor to be explaining why my guards murdered the first leader of the United Krogan Clans. How you doing Wrex” asks Garrus as he walks over to embrace his brother in arms.
“HA, like they could take me.” Wrex replies before embracing Garrus. “Swish office to grow soft in, though it could do with having a stone throne for distinguished guest” as Wrex investigates the room.
“So what brings you here Wrex. I assume you didn’t travel all this way to just give me design tips” Garrus questions
“I came to discuss policy with the council, question the ambassador, and discuss an important matter with you” Wrex’s tone changed for that final point. Garrus takes it as a cue to dismiss his guards,
“Kennedy why don’t you go and flirt with that lobbyist from Noveria you think is cute. Find out what she wants from me. Lanx, it appears landscaping has been neglecting the former Councillors plant-life, why don’t you try and bring it back to life” Garrus orders his men
“Yes Sir” both men reply with a salute. Kennedy struts off with a smirk out of the office and into the main complex. Whereas a miffed Lanx goes out onto the patio balcony behind the office muttering under his breath, why he’s got the lousy job. Turning back for a moment to look through the glass he turns cold as he sees the Krogan leader glaring at him and his lips moving.

“What if he hears us, you sure he’s trustworthy” Wrex questioned Garrus.
“He’s too green to betray me Wrex, don’t worry about him. What is it you want to discuss” Garrus asks while gesturing his friend to sit down.
“I assume you know that since the war, the Kogan and Rachni have been working together to build an empire and settlements of previously uninhabited planets.” Wrex states
“Of course I do. Its been seen as your crowning achievement as a serious leader in galactic circles” Garrus answers
“Well these planets aren't always empty, in-fact most of the time they're home to smugglers, pirates, terrorists. You know the people we used to shoot at in the old days” Wrex adds
“Thats not surprising Wrex, what’s your point…”Garrus is interrupted by a short Wrex
“DON’T RUSH ME, have you never heard of world forming. Anyway on the most recent planet we came across a group of cultists. They appear to be people who have a twisted view on the Reaper conflict” The Krogan pauses as if for effect, and Garrus leans forward into the conversation. As if his life depended on what Wrex had to say. Wrex took on breath and continued “It appears they see Saren, Geth, Sovereign, the Collectors, Cerberus and The Illusive Man as prophets of Harbinger - their God. And that they believe those who defeated them, are the servants of sin, and Shepard was their leader.”
“So a crazy cult that believes we are demons, hardly an issue that we should be worried about Wrex, and hardly one i can use to convince the Council to interfere with” Garrus added with a sense of relief.
“You think Id be afraid of a few crazies with out a reason. These guys are a real threat Garrus. It appears that they are spread across the Galaxy. Have members from all species, from all walks of life, from all positions in government and military. And they have already taken action.” Wrex passed a data pad over to Garrus, while this is happening Lanx has finished his duties and is leaning against a pice of wall and has been able to hear the conversation.

“Wow. This was supposed to be the great Krogan warrior and leader. Scared of a few crazies. No wonder he’s been given a ceremonial position and all real business is done by someone else” Lax thinks to himself. The thought was interrupted by a smash and shock from Garrus. Lanx runs into the room, weapon drawn.
“Get Out” Garrus orders. As his guard cautiously retreats. This time paying more attention to his easy dropping

“Miranda, Jack, Jacob, James, Samara and Grunt. Dead. Are you sure.” Garrus asks in a panic
“We had the Salarian’s run a check against the corpses we found. Its there DNA, though from what i was told i wouldn’t be surprised if Miranda managed to trick them with a duplicate. But yes the others are dead” Wrex replies with a sadness. “It gets worse Liara and Tali are missing. Last i heard from Liara she was off to Ferros on some Shadow Broker business and Tali was headed to broker a technology deal with the Batarians. But since, have gone silent. Neither of there governments have confirmed there missing, but neither have denied”
“So what you saying Wrex. That these people are kidnapping and killing us of for there delusions” Garrus stressed
“I don’t know why they're doing it, all i know is that we're dying, and that they plan on doing something big during the cruiser unveiling” Wrex added before getting up. “Those of us left will all be together to watch the SSV Shepard make its maiden voyage, that’s an ample opportunity to make an irreversible move”
“What we gonna do Wrex, how we gonna fix this” Garrus questions his old friend
“Were old warriors Garrus, politicians now. We get others to fight this battle. You inform Alenko of the danger, send a spectre to hunt down Liara and Tali. I’ll try to track down everyone else and bring them together, get a ship…” Garrus interrupts Wrex “And bring down these nut jobs”
“Hum, Something like that” as Wrex smirks before walking out.

Lanx stood outside in slight shock. He knew those names, knew the legends. Samara the Asari Justicar who killed her own daughter to preserve the code. Grunt the tank bred Krogan who led Arlack Company to victory against the Reaper Rachni and become leader of the United Krogan Military. Names of great power, great position. Killed by crazy cultists. He was in his head now, paranoid that these people could be anywhere, and as his protectee had been so close to Shepard. He probably had the biggest target on his back. He was so distracted by the daunting tasks now on his shoulders. He had completely missed Garrus walking out onto the balcony.

“You shouldn’t easy drop kid. Its bad for your health” Garrus quipped
“Sorry Sir. Its just hard to believe” Lanx stuttered out
“(Sigh) I know. I fought along side all these people. Some of the most gifted people i ever knew. The strongest, fastest, smartest. All people who could only be taken down by very smart and powerful people Lanx” Garrus turned to look at him “do you know anyone who fits that description kid, do you fit that description kid”
“No sir, apart from the council” he replied
“Good. I need someone i can trust. And between you and me. I know your record, you're lineage. I trained with your Grandfather in the Academy. I trusted him, so I trust you. Don’t make me regret that” Garrus looked back with a hopeful look
“You won’t sir. What can i do” Lanx asked
“Ive called an immediate private session of the council, in which i will inform them of this development. Ive requested two Spectres report to me to find Matriarch Liara and Minister Zora Vas Normandy. I need you to go to my apartment. Grab my Pistol and Rifle. The doorman will let you in. Once you do that report back here and wait for me. And whatever you do, don’t tell Kennedy. I need to test him first” Garrus commanded
“Sir yes sir” Lanx saluted before leaving the office and passing councillor representatives on the way out of the office.

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