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This is a short story about a young girl who learned how to be contentment with God alone.
This is a story about a girl name Myrah. Myrah was 15 years old when she first learned to be discontent. She had a lot of friends, but she still felt like something was missing. Yes, she enjoyed hanging out with her friends; however she would cry every night that she went to bed. School was going well for her, and she had perfect grades; however she still felt like something was missing. She had both her mother and father, but there was still a void. What was wrong? What was going on? That’s what she thought every single day. One day it hit her, she was unhappy. She was not satisfied. She hated school, and she hated having so many friends. She hated having both of her parents. Why did she feel like this? Why did she hate her clothes? Why did she hate her skin color? Why didn’t she like her own hair? Why did she not feel good about herself? Where did this all come from? Discontentment settled in like never before. Myrah could not figure out where this all started. One night, she got down on her knees and prayed to God to reveal to her the seed that was planted in her that made her feel these things. Everyone else prayed to God and got answers, so she figured that was where she needed to start. That night God told her “You need to give your life to me. I am the one who can make you whole.” She realized that night her emptiness was because she did not have God. So she made up in her mind to start over, but this time God would be at the forefront of everything. She picked up a bible and begin to read it daily. She prayed daily. She learned of baptism, and the Holy Spirit. She learned of it, and begin to desire the way of God. She got baptized and also encountered the spirit of Jesus Christ. That was the day she began to walk in complete contentment. She woke up daily with a knowing, that people and things don’t make her complete and whole, only God does. That “knowing” gave her joy that no one could take away. She was happy. She was confident. Myrah was now content. It was now in God that she lived, moved, and had her being.

The End!
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