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The Day Before Christmas
Christmas Shopping

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Somehow it all got away from me. How did this happen? It is two hours before the stores close and I have no shopping done for Christmas. Nothing. No food, no presents. I have a multitude of guests coming in just a few hours. And here I am, I’m running on four hours of sleep and lots of sugar.

Last night we stayed up til all hours making cookies, not a bad thing, right? But when you eat a pan of cookies for every one you bake, well, it is hard to sleep after that. Then Bob and I sat up with the kids and watched Christmas movies all night. Horrid movies that they play right before Christmas. You know the ones. Those cartoons, and sappy romance movies, and the dumb Santa Claus movies. But we were all hyped up on sugar so we didn’t care. Finally the kids fell asleep on the floor and we caught a few hours on the couch.

So that is why I am now at the stores trying to shop. I text my husband, Do you remember what Julie wanted? I forgot my list, of course. As I wander the big box store, I grab whatever I can find that is left on the shelf that might appeal to a ten year old. Bob texts me back. I think she is OK with a hoodie Sure, she only has ten. He clearly did not find my list. I try again. What about Ben? I am now trying to find some food for the crowd coming over soon. Do I have time to fix a turkey? My mind is a blank. Ben needs underwear My husband is a comedian. Ben will get a video game. Julie will get a purse. No turkeys in the turkey section, so that is out. Maybe a ham. I surely have time for a ham. What goes with ham? Sweet potatoes. I wander to the produce section. Nix on the hoodie for Julie. She wants a bike Since when? People are looking at me. I am laughing at my phone and at the fact that there are no sweet potatoes in the store.

And Ben wants a bike also I turn off my phone and bury it in the bottom of my purse. Evidently the lack of sleep has addled my husband’s brain. Never leave him alone with two pre-teens the day before Christmas. Gives them all way too much time to plot evil doings against me.

“The heck with the lot of you!” I yell at the top of my lungs. People around me shrink back and turn their carts around. I march over to the toy section and get some video games for Ben, a fancy doll for Julie. And then a shirt and socks for Bob. Back to the food section where I pick up some junk food, frozen pizzas, and sodas. I am beginning to feel like the mighty hunter. The drive home gives me time to cool off and long for a nap.

As I drag my weary self into the house, my adoring family greets me. And my guests. They have all been waiting for me. The house is decorated, it is clean and food is on the table. Presents are under the tree. Music is softly playing in the background.

Bob takes all the bags. He puts the food away and stashes the presents in our bedroom. I stand amazed.

“Are you surprised Mom?” Julie and Ben ask.

The rest of our guests stand waiting for my answer. They are all smiling at me.

“Yes, yes I am. This is a great Christmas present!”

Bob came over and gave me a big hug. “We figured you were a bit tired. So we fixed everything for you, with a bit of help. Let’s sit down and eat everyone!”

I was guided to the table. We all sat and had a feast. It was a wonderful party. And in my mind, I took back any thoughts about evil plots.

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