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A detailing of the first experience I’ve had with my foot fetish. Posted on DA first.
Hey guys, so I’ve mentioned before how my first fetish experience was with my babysitter as a kid. She would chase me around with her stinky soccer socks and I would run away and “accidentally” trip and fall, allowing her to catch me and make me sniff her dirty socks. However, I don’t really consider this to be my first true experience because to me, that means I have to be sexually aware of what’s going, and as a child I didn’t necessarily have that perception, I just liked it. So my first true experience took place around 2016 with a girl named Nadja, so I suppose I will tell you all about that experience in as much detail as I can.
It all started when I was on my way to a track meet. Now, I am no athlete, but my younger brother is, and I was gonna go show my support, however, I also had other motives. Whenever I was at the track meets, I would try my hardest to get a glimpse at Nadja’s sweaty, perfect soles.
Now, for a little bit of backstory, Nadja is my brother’s ex girlfriend, they dated for a little while, but miscommunication caused them to have a falling out. Whenever she was over at our house, I noticed she wore a variety of sneakers, flats, and even boots sometimes, all without socks. Oh how I regretted not taking the time to sniff her nasty footwear while she and my brother were hanging out. I would spy on them at times and stare at her perfect wide soles which were a size 10 and absolutely heavenly, always looking like they were incredibly stinky, with specks of dirt and dust coating the bottoms of her feet. I became addicted and dreamed of someday having the opportunity to get up close and personal with them.
I knew that she ran sockless during the meets and she would then wear slides in between her events and afterwards. I would constantly fantasize scenarios in which she would lead me away to a private area and give me the honor of tasting the jam between her long, luscious toes, licking the dirt and dust on her wide, gorgeous soles, and inhale their incredible cheesy, vinegary stench. I shivered at the lustful thought, knowing full well, I’d never have the privilege to wrap my mouth around her grimy toes.
As we got out of the car, I felt giddy with anticipation. The sight alone of Nadja’s soles was enough to make my cock tingle with excitement. I walked with my brother to the athlete section, where I was welcomed by a few of my friends who also participated in track. My eyes scanned the area as I sat with them, searching for the Latina goddess that was Nadja. I saw her purple gym bag a few rows above and inched closer and closer ever so carefully so no one would notice. Eventually I was sitting directly next to the bag and I realized it was now or never so I casually acted like I dropped something by it and opened the zipper slightly. Suddenly I was greeted by a sharp sweaty odor mixed with rotten cheese. My dick tingled as her sweaty gym clothes stink reached my nose. I looked around and carefully reached inside, feeling for any footwear. My hands touched her moist shirt and shorts and I feared that maybe there weren’t any shoes at all in there...until I reached the bottom and felt the outline of at least two pairs. I pulled a pair of disgusting basketball shoes, acting like they were mine and set them next to me. I reached for the other shoes which had a weird feeling to them. What I pulled out was not a shoe, but a strappy sandal, which at one point had a bright pink insole, but was now stained black with sweat and grime in the shape of her foot. I slipped the sandal into my jacket quickly and grabbed the shoes, walking to one of the bathrooms, making sure to hurry. I went in, making sure to lock the door behind me (it was a single person bathroom). I pulled out the sandal, inspecting the insole more closely, longing to lick the specks of grime and dried sweat, staining it black with a slight yellowish tint. I pressed my nose up to it and sniffed deeply, moaning as the sharp stink of sweaty feet burned my nostrils. I stuck my tongue out and the salty, grimy taste of sweat and toe jam caused me to buckle in pleasure. I tore my throbbing cock out of my jeans and sat down on the floor, licking the sweat stains and bits of grime like no tomorrow. I started stroking furiously and grabbed the basketball shoes, noticing a big hole in the bottom of one pair and a small hole, large enough for her big toe to stick out in the other. I pressed them to my face and inhaled deeply, getting hit with a humid toxic stench like a pinch to the face. I moaned louder as my cock ached, leaking precum as I went back and forth from sniffing her “biohazard worthy” shoes to licking her gunky sandals. Finally with one deep whiff of her shoes, numbing my mind with their toxic cheesy stench, I exploded everywhere, moaning loudly as my mind was under the control of such an odor and taste. I breathed heavily as I let out a final cumshot and held the shoe to my face, inhaling the sweat tainted oxygen from within them like a gas mask. I decided to pull out the Insoles as a “souvenir” and my eyes widened as my hand touched the sopping wet insoles, ripping them free from the shoes, marveling at the black foot imprint on it, specks of dirt and grime covered the expanse of it and it took all my willpower to not lick them. I would not taint the stench of such a prize. I stuffed the insoles in my pocket, grabbed the basketball shoes and walked to the bathroom door, taking one final lick of her gunky sandal insoles.
I ran back to the bleachers as fast as I could, hoping that Nadja was still gone. To my surprise (and luck) she still hadn’t returned from her event. I shoved her shoes and sandal into her bag, careful to not be seen and waited patiently on a step below her gym bag. Around fifteen minutes later...she appeared. The most beautiful Latina goddess, dripping with sweat, her face red from exhaustion, legs shaking from her hard work. She flopped down a seat above me, extending her feet out and placing them directly next to me, I turned and waved to her, glancing down at her ankle, a tease to her sweaty bare soles trapped inside her track shoes.

“Hey Michael.” She said breathing heavily.

“What events did you come from?” I asked her.

“400 meter dash, discus, and long jump. Man I hate long jump, the feeling of sand in my shoes is so uncomfortable.” She replied as she propped her heel onto her toe, popping her shoe off and following suit with the other.

I stared in awe at the filthy crevices between her toes, ridden with sand and gunk, her black painted nails slightly chipped and ever so moist with sweat to make them shine. Her soles, her heavenly gorgeous soles, covered from heel to toe with dirt, sand and sweat, filling the air with a cheesy, vinegary stench that made my cock tingle. She grabbed a pair of slides and slipped one on her left foot, but left the other free. I pried my eyes away from her soles and tried to focus on the events below, when I suddenly noticed the odor of feet get way stronger. I turned my head and my nose touched something moist, something reeking so toxically of sweat and cheese. It took me a moment to register that my nose was pressed into her sole. I took the biggest whiff of my life and restrained myself from moaning at the stench that burned my nostrils with the odor of cheesy vinegar.

Nadja looked down and laughed, “Sorry, they’re probably pretty nasty.”

“It’s fine, they do stink pretty bad, but I’d be more concerned about how dirty they are.” I replied, brushing a bit of sand off her sweat covered sole.

She spread her toes and looked at the nasty black gunk between them, while I was leaking precum from the sight of such delicious looking toe jam.

“You’re right, they’re pretty nasty.” She replied as she brushed a bit of dirt off her soles, making little difference to their disgusting appearance.

“I’m gonna go get a hot dog, would you watch my stuff for me?” She asked as she put her dirty slides on.

“Sure thing.” I replied, eyeing her rotting track shoes.

As she walked away, I scooted closer and carefully reached down to grab the insoles from within the smelly shoes. I felt the humid air from her sweat around my hand and my cock tingled in ecstasy at the heat. Before grabbing the insoles, I picked up the shoes and took a quick sniff, relishing in the toxic odor of cheesy sweat and vinegar. I quickly set them down and went to pull out the insoles, moaning softly as I felt their soaking wet, dirty surface. I pulled them out and looked at them in awe, their surface, a revolting yellowish brown color from her dirty sweaty feet. I quickly folded them up and put them in my pocket, waiting for her to get back. A few minutes later, she came back with a hot dog and a soda and flopped down on the seat, kicking off her slides and wiggling her jam ridden toes.

“God my feet are so sweaty!” She exclaimed, “sorry about the smell.”

Indeed the air smelled of rotting stinky cheese and sweaty vinegar, to which I shrugged off like it didn’t bother me. I sat there for another thirty minutes relishing in the stench of her stinky feet, inching myself closer and closer until I was laying down on the bleacher, with my head right next to her perfect feet. I knew there were about forty five minutes until the next race and she was drifting off to sleep. I waited about another five minutes and she was out cold. I looked around, but even if anyone was looking I wasn’t gonna let this opportunity pass. I pressed my nose directly into her toes and took a deep whiff of the toxic stench lingering between her toes. I sniffed for a couple of minutes before I decided...I needed to lick them just once. I stuck my tongue out and gave a her dirty, sandy sole a lick, moaning as the salty taste of her grimy sweat and toe jam filled my mouth. I decided I needed to stop there or else she’d wake up to me rubbing my junk on her soles, so I quit while I was ahead, thankfully too because she woke up a few minutes later.

“Yo dawg, I’m too tired to reach down and put my shoes on, do you mind?” She asked as she pointed her toes towards her shoes.

I held her dirty foot in my hands as though it were a valuable treasure, which to me it was. I grabbed her revolting track shoe and put it on as slowly as possible to enjoy the feeling of her filth covered sole in my hand. I slipped her heel in and tied the laces, longing for the moment she would pop them off again and fill the air with an even grosser stench. I grabbed her other foot, holding it by her toes, hoping my hand would linger with her foot stench and grime, and slipped the shoe on, tying the laces tight so no air could escape.

“Thanks dude!” Nadja said with a smile as she walked away, leaving me to fantasize about the nasty stench her feet would contaminate the area with when she got back.

Sadly however, my desires would be shattered when my brother came up to me and told me we were leaving early because he wasn’t feeling very well. I cursed my luck, but then realized how lucky I truly was. Not only did I get to sniff and lick her dirty feet, I had two of the smelliest souvenirs imaginable right in my back pocket. And as I sat in the back of our minivan, in the darkness provided by the night sky, I sniffed her cheesy insoles deeply and longingly, thinking about the next track meet, and how stinky and dirty her feet would be.
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