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by K.HBey
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Elisabeth comes with her parents to visit Egypt and enters the Great pyramid.

"Dad haven't you promised me to visit the great pyramid of Khufu, Elisabeth asks".
Elisabeth is an English girl of ten, who comes to visit Egypt with her parents Mr. Brian Hood and Mrs. Katelyn March.
"Mr. Brian says to his daughter, yes honey, we will be there in two hours."
"Elisabeth replies, wow dad, I look forward to entering a pyramid."
In Giza (Cairo) Elisabeth is amazed when she sees the great pyramid of Khufu for the first time.
"She is afraid but her mother quickly takes her hands and says to her, the pyramid is like a castle. You see how much immense is it? "

A group of tourists accompanied by a guide enter the pyramid. It is dark there and an odor of something ancient is perceived.
"The guide Mahmoud pronounces the sentence, Khufu boat on the sand when the clouds are in the sky."
Then an immense stone door is opened.
"What does happen?" The tourist crowd scream.
"The guide says to them, it is just an automatic door that is opened and closed when someone pronounces these words. Please enter this chamber."
The chamber contains Khufu sarcophagus. In the chamber, the door is closed behind the tourists again. They continue the visit of such a mysterious pyramid maze. At the exit, the guide Mahmoud is not there and he is found died later. The tourists start to panic and forget the words pronounced by Mahmoud.

A beautiful drawing is on the door and catches Elisabeth's eyes. It is showing a boat on the sand and cloudy sky.
"Then, she spontaneously says, Khufu boat on the sand when clouds are on the sky".
The door is opened again and all the tourists rush to the exit and say thanks to Elisabeth for their safety.

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