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Kittens, a naughty puppy and a brand new two wheeler all appear in these youthful rhymes
Kittens at Play

Oh wippity woppity wee
‘Tis the funniest sight to see.
The mama cat brought her kittens a mouse,
And now they’re chasing it all over the house.

The mouse tries to hide under a chair,
But claws and sharp teeth already are there.
He stoops to look for the best place to run,
While the kittens are having such jolly good fun.

Miss Puss tosses the mouse aloft to her brother,
He bobbles and slaps it across to another,
Who pins the mouse down with a paw on its tail,
What am I bid? This mouse is for sale!

But these cat-and-mouse games never last long,
The cats always win, for they never guess wrong.
The mouse will soon tire of this crazy bunch,
And the game will be over when it’s time for lunch.

My Puppy

My puppy killed a chicken,
Which is a mortal sin.
He’s frolicking around the yard,
With feathers on his chin.
That poor dumb puppy doesn’t know
The trouble that he’s in.


Summer Days
By golly, by jingo, by gee!
Nobody is better than me.
I hit a home run and came first in the race,
And girls like to chase me all over the place,
I got new running shoes and a two-wheeler bike,
And a dollar to spend on whatever I like.
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