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I can not share his real name with you, but there are thousands of students are like him.

Than Than Kyaw


Composition I

December 5, 2019

Home Visit About Zenny

Home Visit

Most school district offer Home Visit Program, a program that provide positive opportunity for educators and parent on their students' academic improvement. As a bilingual program aid for six school districts in Nobles County, teacher would contact me and set up a home visit with their students and have conversation with their parent. We would talked about how the student is doing academically, and how we as an educator can support the student and making sure they are successful in their academic journey. We observed what the student wants to resolve for their career, so we have more understanding of how we can incorporate lessons plan that meet their interests and making sure they have a successful future.


In all of the home visit, I have never witnessed a heart-breaking story like Zenny. Zenny goes to one of the school districts I work for. Zenny is the oldest child in his family. He is currently in tenth grade, and struggling with ADHD (Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder). He failed every classes he is currently in and thought about dropping out of school and work at a grocery store. However, the grocery store does not accept him because he is not yet sixteen. Zenny recently have been addicting to Marijuana and it has brought a heartbreak to his family the people that knows him.

Zenny's Mother July

July was born in Burma. After the civil war in Burma, she ended up in Thailand refugee camp where she gave birth to a beautiful boy and named him Zenny. Zenny was very young when she moved to U.S.A. She remembers him drawing and dancing; the way he wants to have a neat hand writing at a very young age.

July work six days a week at JBS leaving around 5am in the morning and come back home at 5pm in the evening. After that Steven and she would cook for their four children and their retiring old mother that live with them.

All three of her older children have to take medication for their attention disorder--Zenny, Day Day and Sofia.

"Zenny told me he was tired of the medications, so he starts smoking marijuana" said July. "I was furiously mad because no one in our family have done such a thing. I don't want him to influence his younger sibling in this way, and he doesn't want it either."

Follow up

After the home visit, I countlessly questioned myself on how did all of these happened and what can I do to help resolve these problems. As a teacher, how can I be more inclusive to students who are having learning disabilities; students who are an exceptional learner; student who are labeled as handicap; student who are gifted and talented; and Students who are culturally diverse. What do I need to do to make my students thrive?

I got to know the student, not I need to know more about the school. So, I went to the school website and observer the school activities they have. I checked out Minnesota Department of Education website and finding so many statistics about each school.

I got more questions crossing my mind regarding on inclusivity.

Many teaches regardless of what their nationality is, they did a wonderful job of getting to know their students. Some did a home visit; some learn about other culture and a new language. These are some of the thing that will help them eradicate few if the barriers they have. For many teachers, they must be involved with culture awareness programs. If you look at the statistic below, what did you notice?

The School Statistic of Race and Ethnicity

The following information are provided by Minnesota Department of Education and it is open to the public.

Here is the link of reasons why most of the high school students are dropping out.


To know more about the school.


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