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A short commentary on adjusting to college life.
My first few weeks into college were rough. In fact, I didn’t fully commit to college until August of this year. Alas, I knew I wanted to live on campus. Commuting to and from school five days a week did not sound fun to me. I patiently waited for the next available dorm. At last, I was finally able to move in on a Thursday morning early in September. That following Friday evening, a group of boys were goofing around in my hallway. I figured they were visiting one of my neighbors. They were knocking on everyone’s doors, much to this girl’s dismay. I was curious and bored, so I went ahead and opened my door and was greeted with surprise.
“Oh, I’m so sorry, they’ll stop. So sorry.”
I told her it was fine, I was amused. The other girls in my hall were just as curious, everyone else following suit and stepping cautiously into the hallway. We all greeted each other, exchanging names and hometowns. I found out that most of them were from out of state. It was funny to hear them talk about their adjustment to Arizona weather. Each of the girls I met were very friendly and made me feel a sense of belonging. We all exchanged contacts before parting for the night. Sure, I’m an Arizona native. But being on my own in a dorm? That’s brand new. It made me feel at ease to know I was in good company. Since that instance, college feels like a second home.
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