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by Logan
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Political · #2207606
When truths don't stick

A tail of a Teflon fox,
from Fleet Street, so it's said
Between its legs, his brush it locks,
he fears shades of red
Hyenas circle, vultures fly,
with edits made in blue,
like poppy wreaths from years gone by,
cut perfect, landing true

Trailing a Teflon knight,
a campaign of despair
Austerity, a ten year plight,
nobody's asking, “where?”
Where the spoils of such times,
have wound up cause they've not...
shored up cracks from former crimes
… they're hoping we've forgot

The fear of a Teflon clown,
lying to a Queen
Taking opposition down,
with pieces left unseen
Pieces taken from the board,
removed to pave the way
Decals rich, the wealthy hoard,
off shore, such games they play

The failings of a Teflon man,
his surface put to test
Running from the things he can,
avoiding all the rest
His house of cards, a wonky deck,
with jokers in the pack,
A backhand bung with bonus cheques,
… a ballot box, well stacked

Through tarot cards, such Teflon sings,
with warnings of dark men
Tales of the doom they'd bring,
to the halls of number ten
with peasants' colours screaming loud,
Green... Yellow... Crimson Red
Inside a fridge, schemes disavowed
…hanging by a thread

This portrait of a Teflon man,
a shaggy haired buffoon,
with wealthy friends and shady plans,
a sinister cartoon
A jester seizing hold of courts,
once formerly allied
Disregarding battles fought,
with rights earned, cast aside

A tale of a Teflon king,
ascended to a throne
Questions answered?... not his thing,
“He'll get it done”... alone
Who needs questions? Truth confines,
… who needs an expert's light?
with lies housed dark, between broad lines
… hiding in plain sight
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2207606