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Rated: ASR · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2207648
The hero of the Skyworld goes feral and must find a cure.
When Brock was returned to the Skyworld, he was in a coma from a fall from 90 feet. Everyone was glad he was alright.

Chapter 1
Dinner Gone Wrong

A month after his longest trip, Bryan Skyhopper was ready to relax, possibly take a vacation to Los Andreas, the best in entertainment and gambling. He was just 13, so he wouldn't be in the gambling zone. Then, Robin, a graduate of magic, called and asked if Bryan can come over to help with a pest. Bryan said yes.

Later, in Nature Valley, the people and elves of the valley were warding off a SkySnake, capable of destroying entire cities. It was as big as an expensive pirate ship, yet all the civilians had swords, bows, and arrows made from iron and steel. Even worse, they didn't shoot the arrows with their bows because they used them like swords. That was a stupid move, since the SkySnake flies. Bryan used his signature HandGun to shoot out the wing, sending the uncomfortably big varment to the ground.
"You said it was a pest problem, not a giant reptile massacre!" shouted Bryan.
"To these guys, it's a pest!" said Robin.
"At least teach them to wield a bow and arrow," said Bryan, firing another shot from the Handgun at the SkySnake.

A few hours later, they finally defeated the 'pest.' Robin's fellow villagers finally had a decent meal other than Holy Stinkfruit. When Bryan was finished with the meal(which he didn't eat all that much.), he headed to his ship. He found a note on the steering wheel.

Dear Bryan Skyhopper,
Please come to my very tall fortress tomorrow. You'll be treated to a fine dinner, as well as a free ticket to the Los Andreas Hotel, the best in entertainment, with constant guest appearances by world-class musician parodies, such as Slim Snakey, The Poo Fighters, and The Cold Blue Ice Cubes. I hope you consider this dinner.

"I don't have a bad feeling about this," said Bryan, surprised Ather knew he was at Nature Valley.

The next night, at Ather's Fortress, Bryan, in his signature outfit, was at a strangely long table with Ather across it. The fortress was very tall, even the smallest snowstorm would have all the guests fear for their lives. Little did the hero know, his food was drugged with Dark Moon's Victim, one of three things needed for hell in the Skyworld. Bryan passed out. Ather called Hank to leave him for dead.

Two hours later, Bryan awoke from a coma from the drug. He was in a bathtub with gold trims, the windows were tinted red, and a guy in a white suit was staring at him. Then, Bryan realized he was a werewolf. He quickly asked the man in the white suit for help.
"Bryan, let me explain what the heck's going on. My name is Alan Giovanni, a close friend to your friend, Leesburg. He told me all about you." said Alan. "The world's gone crazy, everyone thinks you're dead, and the moon's got a face!"
"Oh my god, it does!" exclaimed Bryan, looking through the blood-red windows. Then, Leesburg came downstairs. He freaked out because of 'a dog.' He's allergic to them, with the consequences being nearly fatal. He was immediately rushed to Magic City Hospital, leaving Alan and Bryan to venture by themselves.


Chapter 2
Brock X Kinzie Kat

To get some help with finding a way to take the face off the moon, they had to look in one of the most economically bad places in the Skyworld, Debttown. All the homeless are transported here since they belonged in this place.
"How are we gonna find a smart person here?" asked Bryan.
"They send smarties to this place to make sure everything is okay both medically and legally," said Alan. "I know someone in that position." They found a demolished building with a bright light sticking out. It was another Cati. Her ears were large, she had a ponytail, and a hoodie to keep her warm on cold nights out. Right next to her was a familiar face. Familiar, but bruised. Brock, still trying to regain his life. His boss didn't want him to work with Rawr during recovery, so he sent him to Debttown.
"Bryan, what the heck happened to you?!" exclaimed Brock.
"I had dinner at some fat man's house, had what I remembered as chicken, and passed out," said Bryan.
"Then I found him in the Swamp Isle and put him in my bathtub, which nearly killed Leesburg," said Alan.
"Boomhaur was giving you a funeral!" exclaimed Brock. " It was tomorrow, and here you are, a FREAKING werewolf!"
"Can we settle this later, before the hobos kill us?" asked Kinzie, pointing at the mob of crazed homeless. They armed an assortment of weapons, including bats, crowbars, knives, and old man canes. "We forgot to feed them, right?"
"Just don't mention that, it makes them angrier," said Alan, pulling out his golden knife. Weapons began clanging between the rich man and the poor men. Though outnumbered, Alan still made it through. Half the homeless mob were injured, not killed.

Later, at Kinzie's Fort inside an abandoned train station, Bryan was telling his dino tamer friend about the incident.
"I had drugged chicken at a fat guy's house. The house was disturbingly tall," said Bryan. Kinzie pulled up the suspects since Bryan had amnesia from being hit with a frying pan.

NAME: Dracula III
WHERE?: Los Andreas Hotel

NAME: Ather Ben Dover
WHERE?: His fortress, obviously.

"Oh, so we're going to fight a vampire?" said Alan.
"Yeah, I guess so." said Kinzie. "I'll stay and be the computer girl."
Chapter 3
Vampires, Casinos, and a Snake

After three hours on Alan's pimped blimp, they reached Los Andreas. The place was packed with the rich, the divorced, and the Boggle players. The best in music was here as well since it was the owner's birthday. With Alan's big bank account, the trio easily got in. Bryan went straight for the buffet line while Brock and Alan, both in fancy suits, blended into the crowd. When Bryan was done in the buffet line. Then, a blackout happened. All the Boggle players freaked out because they couldn't read the words on the boards. Alan and Brock got out their flashlights. Then, they realized something was wrong.
Bryan was missing.
"My god, there's a child-napper here!" yelled Brock, riling up everyone's fear even more. Even action stars Keith David and Keanu Reeves were afraid. The lights came back on after a few minutes of darkness.
"Everything is fine! Your child might have disappeared, but be glad no one has a gun that is a terrorist," said Slim Snakey. "Otherwise, there will be bigger issues."
"Well, he isn't wrong," said Brock.
"Well, I was considered a terrorist one time," replied Alan, chair in hand. They quietly escaped the crowd, snuck past the Boggle players without disturbing their games, and made it to the Employees Only area. The narrow hallways and blood stained walls gave it an eerie feel. Luckily, the butchers were in that hallway. The other hallway had all sorts of machines in all the rooms. Some are storage freezers, some were ovens, but Alan, being a former TV and Movie Director, he could barely hear a muffled voice in one of the rooms. "Something's not right," he said.
"Sounds like," Brock said, kicking down the door FBI style, "BRYAN!" The unfortunate boy's night got even worse, being fed crummy werewolf food.

Holy Stinkfruit Juice
Stinkfruit Seeds
Unicorn Vomit
Goat "Unmentionables"

Alan grabbed a nearby machete and cut the tube going into Bryan's mouth and the rope tying him down. Skyhopper took a few deep breaths before speaking.
"Thanks. They said they were gonna serve me for lunch tomorrow," said Bryan, trying to stand up on his two blubbery legs, but with his big belly, that was near impossible. Brock and Alan had to carry him. Then, Brock's phone rang, giving away their positions to the entire staff.
"Guys, did you find the boss?" asked Kinzie.
"No, but we found the world's biggest werewolf," replied Brock.
"Wait, you're saying--" said Kinzie, all surprised about the situation.
"Yep, Bryan's a furry sumo wrestler now." answered Brock. "What humility." Vampires with guns stormed the hallways, Brock and Alan to trying fend them off. The vampires were in huge numbers, wearing down our heroes in a matter of minutes. Then, a miracle happened. Slim Snakey, with his Rap God Microphone, eliminated half the somewhat cannibalistic night people. Then that ran out of power so He switched to his Godzilla one. He then climbed onto Bryan's enlarged body and continued his attack on the vampires. Brock and Alan provided support to the multi-millionaire rapper. After fighting out of the hallways, they immediately knew Dracula III wouldn't have caused the Black Moon, despite a long history with using it against everyone, including childhood bullies.
Heck of a Night

It took a while, but Brock and Alan managed to get Bryan into the blimp. The blimp, unlike Bryan's ship, could take more weight. Bryan was fast asleep, along with Brock. Bryan's stomach served as the perfect bed; big, soft, and warm. Then, Kinzie called them again on Alan's phone.
"Are you alright?" she asked.
"They're both asleep," said Alan. "We realized they didn't cause the apocalypse. Otherwise, they would've partied harder."
"That means the guy with the funny but inappropriate name is the culprit!" exclaimed Kinzie. They went to Ather's fortress.

At the said fortress, Bryan, now slightly thinner, wanted to wake Brock up and test something at the same time. He wanted to see if biting someone would cause a transformation. Sure, he was going to lose his friend for this, but curiosity has gotten most people in trouble, right? He bit Brock on his arm. Brock immediately slapped him for the act, then rushed to get some bandages.
"It was for science!" exclaimed Bryan.
"Well, do it on someone who actually wants to be a werewolf!" answered Brock.
"What the actual heck is going on!?" exclaimed Alan.
"Bryan's an a--" Brock was interrupted.
"FORTRESS!" yelled a concerned Bryan.

Straight into the front door, they went into.
"OH MY GOD!" exclaimed Ather. "WHAT HAPPENED!?"
"Do not worry! We weren't paying any attention to driving!" responded Brock, hair now on his arms. They were immediately captured. At least the dungeon had some luxury to it. The beds were comfy, the bathrooms were private, and the food was delicious. This guy knew about comfort; if the prisoners have it, they'll stay. The bars were silver, so Bryan, who just took a weight-loss potion, couldn't fiddle with them, because sweet, sweet, TRADITION. Brock, however, was going nuts. His muscles were growing, his bald head now had hair(and ears) on it, and he was howling. He was a werewolf on steroids. Nothing could stop him. He tore through the bars of silver, going up to face Ather himself. With Bryan, of course. They were going to go back for Alan. Eventually. With Hunt Mode on, they went straight for Ather Ben Dover, massacring all guards along the way. It did not end well, and there was a big mess. Then, the dark moon went down and the sun came up. Bryan and Brock returned to normal.
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