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My take on what reality is.
How can one express their feelings
Without the ignorance of the world?
Without anyone leaving them with scars?
While you may not see the scars or believe that there is pain,
Many are hurting inside.
Those who have not yet bloomed
May not want to because of what others do to them.
Many are scared of change because of what society has put in our heads.
Society has put in our heads that we must all be the same.
That we must follow all the rules.
But what about what we want?
Many of us just want to be happy.
Want to be loved for who we are as people.
But what has society got to offer us?
Anytime we express our feelings about anything,
We are left off to the side of the playing field.
These feelings we hide so often
Alter our realities.
Alter who we are as people.
We no longer see the light that shines upon us.
We only see what our demons want us to see
Our demons want us to see the hate in the world
Our demons want us to see the reality of the world
But I constantly ask my demons
“Why are you showing me this reality?”
Their answer is always
“To protect you”
Because of them I don’t express my feelings.
Because of them I know the reality of society
Because of them.
I am me.
I am safe.
I am real.
Because of our demons we are free
We don’t need to hide ever again.
We don’t need to put on a facade.
We can finally be free.
We are real.
Reality can be whatever you want
Once you see the truth,
You have complete power.
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