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by Willow
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Action/Adventure · #2207762
Origins of how willow travels between dimensions.
"Is it ready?" an ominous voice asks.
"Yes." a female voice, high in pitch, replies.
"Good. Ready the test subject."
"Yes, sir."
"Ow..." I whine, as the female I know as my captor tries to grab me.
"Come here, you little brat!" The captor shrieks.
"No, you can't force me to do more experiments!" I shout back, jumping up onto the wall where she couldn't reach me. I hung there for a minute, then climbed up onto the window sill in front of a barred window.
"Calling in reinforcements!" I watch her shout into a little communicator thingy on her wrist. Very quickly after, I heard the stomping of boots and watched as 3 armored men ran into the room.
"Dammit, Heather, what do you want from me!?" I shriek at the top of my lungs, causing the guards to cover their ears, leading me to believe they are sensitive to loud sounds.
"Look, subject one-oh-three-"
"I keep telling you, my name's Willow," I interject crankily.
"- that if you just come with me, you can be done for today."
"Yeah, and what about tomorrow? When do I get to go home?" I ask. Then, before she can respond, "And, before you tell me, 'well, this IS my home now', it ain't, so stop trying to change my mind."
"Guards! Seize the brat and bring him to lab oh-oh-three." Heather screeches before exiting my cell.
"Get the brat!" One guard shouted, and together, the three of them moved in on me.
"Let! Me! Go!" I shriek as the guards drag me by my hair to the lab. Inside, a darkclad man, whom I know only as "the boss", stood next to a small device.
"Guards! Release it and leave." The boss says.
"Happy day to you too," I mutter.
"What was that, brat?" The boss says. "You do realize I could have you killed at the snap of my fingers, correct?"
"Oh yes, I know. I know that you're a giant a-hole." I say smugly, watching the boss fume.
"Come over here, brat!" The boss shrieks, grabbing me by the arm and dragging me over and threw me into a chair. I stand up and look him in the eyes, of which I can see over everything else. Those eyes fill my vision until I can see nothing but those eyes and the red in my vision from pure rage.
"Let me go home!" I shriek, running over and ramming the boss in the gut. I then run over to the device, which, at closer inspection, looks like a small gun. "I'll use this!"
"No, don't touch that!" But, before he can get me, I fire off the gun, and it opens a portal. I jump through the portal. "Sayonara, sucker!" I shout as I disappear from that reality plain.

The end.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2207762