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I need to round this guy out
Author: Before we start State your full name for the record.

C: Silverbolt

A: Is that all?

C: Nobody cared much for my name before I became Silverbolt. I could tell you my birth name, but honestly it doesn't matter anymore.

A: Can you tell me why?

C: He lets out a deep sigh while twirling a baton in his fingers. Being super human is a curse. Everyone says it would be so cool to have powers, but it only translates well in comic books. My parents certainly did not think my powers were cool, my teachers didn't think they were very cool either. You know what sucked the most, I still got bullied.

A: I have a hard time believing that

C: Okay, imagine being sixteen, unpopular, and your powers go active in the middle of math class. Your desk crumples under the weight of your uncontrolled strength, and your body is generating an electric charge powerful enough to knock out an elephant. Your teacher is dumb enough to try and help you, and nearly dies in the process. It's not your fault and the principal clears you to be in class. Does it end there? Of course not, because you are in high school and teenagers are dicks. A football player decides you are a freak and starts to shove you, and calling you on. One punch, was all it took to fracture the sternum, break three ribs and perforate his lungs. Even though I could mop the floor with anyone, I couldn't because I might accidentally kill them. Thus I was bullied.

A: What did your parents think of the incident?

C: You must be special in an Olympic sort of way to be asking that question. They didn't want anything to do with me, "How do we know you won't accidentally hurt us?", which became, "We are not equipped to handle you." and the ever popular, "The government knows what it's doing" Here's a secret the government was just as clueless as they were.

A: Foster Care?

C: Yes. The foster care system is nothing more than a bunch of adults with good intentions banging their gongs in left field while spinning in circles.

A: Did you find homes were accepting of you?

C:Silverbolt goes quiet and stares at the ground for a few moments No, most of them kicked me out the moment they discovered what I was. I expose a few bad homes, three of them were tied to a child pornography ring. I got props for it and everything, but once you do something like that, nobody really wants you. They get scared of their dirty little secrets being hung out to dry.

A: So what happened after that?

C: The streets. You would think a superhuman on the loose would get the attention of the police. Lets be honest nobody wants to admit they lost a nuclear warhead.

A: What about love?

C: Love has nothing to do with it

A: I mean do you date?

C: No, I decided to be alone. I can't bring a child into this world. Once you have said, hey I beat up criminals for a living and piss off mob bosses for fun, the date ends before it even starts.

A: You could hide what you do

C: Right, because that lie won't back and bite me on the ass

A: You don't like lying?

C: it has its place, but starting a relationship in a lie never works. What I do is dangerous and puts anyone in my life at risk.

A: Speaking of which how many superhumans exist in the world?

C: Scientist estimate anywhere from fifty to a hundred exist, and they are spread out over the world. In short I will most likely never meet anyone like me in my lifetime.

A: What do you want out of life?

C: A place to call my own, a city that accepts me for what I am, or at least gives me a chance to prove myself.
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