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What are the results of the mission? What is happening to Tenomachi?
Occulta Mundo’s
A. V.

Chapter 4


(21:00:00) Capitol City - The United States of Arserath – July 4th, 2019

“Have preparations been made, Mr. President?”

“Yes Sirs, the United Alliance has been created. Orders have already been put forth to quash any rebellions, revolts, or revolutions!”

“Good, how did you come across these people anyway?”

“Apparently in the land that they are from, an incident happened years ago that changed the geography of their homeland, displaced people from their dwellings, and altered the biology and makeup of the people.”

“That is interesting.”

“Sirs, I know you have vast amounts of knowledge and information. Do you know anything about this…this... strange occurrence?”

“Focus on what we tell you to focus on, and you will be fine.”

“Yes Sirs, I am doing that quite well, but it would be good to know what I am getting into!”

“Do you not trust us… Mr. President?”

“Yes, Sirs... I do, but c’mon, I just found out there is an effin gateway from another place, that leads to an entirely different civilization than ours!”

“If you trust us, then don’t fix your jaws to question us, boy!”

We can easily replace you with someone else, more willing to comply!”

“Do you understand, Mr. President?”

Yes Sirs, Understood.

“Now tell us…How did the foreign travelers find their way to you?”

“Yes. I received a report on my desk stating that there was a strange group of people dressed in foreign attire asking to speak to the leader of this world!”

“… and that made you handle this in person? Do you forget your political position?”

“No, Sirs, I have not. That is not why I handled this directly. The report stated that they suddenly appeared in the middle of the road and sliced a car in half as it was about to hit them. That, along with what I previously told you, piqued my curiosity. Furthermore, these men and women were scout travelers sent from their land to obtain rare items and treasures. The area they were sent to is called The Ruins.”

“You say something, Sirs?”
“No, just continue.”

“Okay, yes, sirs. Furthermore, they informed me that a mysterious woman, who seemed like an angel of sorts to the group, led them to a weird place and told them to fall in…?”


“Yes Sir’s, I felt the same way, so I told them to explain.”


“Yes Sirs, they said the woman led them to a place beyond the Ruins
and told them to fall into some sort of portal. That portal brought them to our world.”

“Have you secured the point of entry?”

“Yes Sirs, we immediately acquired the subjects for questioning, detoured all routes in that vicinity, and cut off all access to that location. “

“Excellent, Mr. President, what did you uncover?”

“The intel we obtained gave me the impression that their world has three types of governments that dominate. One of the more prominent areas is run under an Oligarchy. They developed a system that incorporates socialist and capitalistic ideals; it seems that they are successful, but there is still corruption. In the region that these people are from, many countries are ruled by Monarchies and Dictatorships. Diplomacy between these countries doesn’t go beyond their International Foreign Trade Agreement, which allows an organization called DRIFT to manage and regulate all foreign affairs and trade between the continents.

“Indeed, that is some interesting information, Mr. President.”

“Is that all? Were you able to acquire a point of contact?”

“I agree to Sir, and no, that is not all. Additionally, I did acquire a point of contact. I had our technology unit create a secure line of communication to this realm to speak to the leader of the scouts that made it here. I spoke with the Sultan of the land called Sabbia. His thirst for power and corruption allowed me to assert my control and influence him and the other leaders of this world into joining under me.

“Indeed, Mr. President decent work. This all works in our favor.”

“Now be sure to follow all of our plans exactly .as we tell you. We can’t afford any mistakes!”

“This… United Alliance of yours will benefit you in the long run.”

“Your world has many factors that could change the way you rule and how you operate.”

“Having extra military forces will do you some good.”

“Depending on how elections go, you may not be able to live and rule so freely as you do!”

“Keep us informed!”
“Yes, Sirs, I will!”

The president walks out from behind a false wall in his executive office and enters his communication chambers…….


(Executive Assistant Jennifer Penitence responds on the intercoms) “……… Yes, Sir, Mr. President?”

“Patch me into the United Alliance, we have work to discuss.”

“Yes, sir Mr. President.”

Executive assistant Jennifer Penitence goes inside the President's communication chambers and starts the secondary communication power source. She takes out a conference call device and places it in the middle of the executive board round table. Jennifer Penitence calls the United Alliance Private Line…

“This is the Operator”
“Contact all members of the United Alliance for an urgent meeting.”

“Affirmative, Alerting all Members of the United Alliance”

[ Alerting United Alliance. All Executive members coming online…]

“Sultan Omar from Sabbia of Cambalanche in the Eastern Plateau present.”

“Emperor Del Ala Deem from Stoneking of Cambalanche in the Eastern Plateau present.”

“Queen Emerald Marbella of Obsidian of Cambalanche in the Eastern Plateau present.”

“Heihachi Honshu Lord from the Five Families of Tenomachi in the Western Plains present.”

“Shinzo Hokkaido Lord from the Five Families of Tenomachi in the Western Plains attending”

“Tomoe Kyushu of the Five Families of Tenomachi in the Western Plains present.”

“Akiko Okinawa from the Five Families of Tenomachi in the Western Plains here.”

“Eichi Shikoku from the Five Families of Tenomachi in the Western Plains checking in.”

Leader of the Free World, President T. C Gertzog sits at the head of the executive board round table…

“Excellent, I am glad you all are here…”

(All UA members respond together) “Thank you for having us, Commander and Chief!

“Now, let’s get down to these matters at hand... the initiation of operation Mockingbird!”

The President of The United States of Arserath convinced the newly formed United Alliance to move forward with a military operation that would secure their positions as a formidable superpower in both realms. This operation forced the governments of the Eastern Plateau and the Western Plainsacquirecure any and all power sources and potential weapons of mass destruction. They also were given the tasks to eliminate any possible threats that would oppose the United Alliance. Furthermore, they were to explore the unknown regions and gain allies from the foreign countries beyond the Eastern Plateau and the Western Plains. This operation led to the Five Families commissioning the immediate capture of the Talon about three months ago. Ironically, all these events are happening around the same season as the first event of the void 10 years ago…

(22:37:45) UA Government Raid on the Villages of The Forsaken – Rehoboth Lake, Sabbia of Cambalanche – November 8th, 10 AV (after the void)

“Red Charlie come in…. Red Charlie come in…”

“This is Red Charlie… Proceed”

“All units are in position, in every location…[over]”

“[10 4] … Commence operation Taciturn,
do not radio in until all missions
and mission targets have been secured! [over]”

“Who’s? … Who’s there? Ah! Ugh……. (sounds of blood splattering)

“Mommy? Mommy, is that you? (blood gurgling)

Who…? Who are you? Stop... Please no!!!

“Why are you doing this??? Get your hands off her!


The moonlight shimmered down on the peaceful, open spaces of Rehoboth Lake. The night was sleeping, the wind refused to move; no creature of the darkness made a noise, as if they knew the wrath of malice was upon them. Cold and unforgiving iron swayed in the evening. Sweltering Forsaken iron splattered in the nightfall. Steel limbs puncturing the jugular. Rigid teeth gnawing at the voiceless, weakened, carnal forms. The growth of youth stunted as the journey of the elderly stayed, taken mercilessly. Screams were songs of the morning. Crying songs of mourning echoing off the bloody divides, the lyrics resonate in the minds of the sufferers. Petals plucked away. Stems cut down. Plants uprooted. Flowers of the garden stolen away; flowers of the garden stopped from blossoming; ravished lilies, helpless while their flowers cry. “Why hast thou abandoned…us?!”

(22:38:25) UA Government Raid on The Fang Community Storehouses – Gideon City, Sabbia of Cambalanche – November 8th, 10 AV (after the void)

“Stealing away that which was stored? We were helpless in every way. You were ruthless in every way. So disrespectful in every way. Praying to see that fateful day. Hoping that they wouldn’t soon decay. Heroes they were. Preventing the orphans from crying as they lay. Honoring the elderly so they can see another day. We were companions to the widows that needed help, every… day. You wanted to rule with an iron fist, you told us… “If you don’t want to live under the flag and government, then get out!” We did. We live. We die. Now you pry. Why? Are you envious? Are you jealous? Separating from the rulers of this world, they fend for themselves, they fight for themselves, they survive, for themselves; we are prosperous, by ourselves. Why must you intervene? Why must you intercede? Why must you create such an inconvenient plight for the people that breathe, just like you? Do we make you afraid? You should be. Do we make you tremble? You are going to. Do you fear the power that we have? YOU WILL!”

(22:42:19) U A Government Raid – Jericho Town (Fang Weapons Cache), Sabbia of Cambalanche – November 8th, 10 AV (after the void)

Arserath soldiers hired Sabbian mercenaries, and several Cambalanche and Tenomachi assassins ransack and slaughter many of the unsuspecting men, women, and children in Jericho Town. They went up against a secondary security unit of The Fang. They were ordered to guard the secret weapons cache of the troops. The battle was long, it was fierce, but in the end, the casualties seemed one-sided.

(22:50:44) U A Government Raid – Sepulcher of the Kings (Fang Sacred Grounds), Sabbia of Cambalanche – November 8th, 10 AV (after the void)







(Foreign soldier grabs the highest orb in the tomb) “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!”


(GENERAL Sarcastically MOCKS THE FANG PRIEST) “you will fare the worst fate…”

Shut him the fuck up, please!

Lieutenant tell the fucking men to use forceps to grab those orbs…

common sense should tell you not to touch that with your bare hands.

I guess they don’t watch movies!

Now let’s go before we get some unsuspected visitors!”

(22:38:25) The Last War Council of the Forsaken – Deep Caverns, Blackwood - Outside the Archipelago of Cambalanche – One week before the Auction House Mission!

Charlotte Cherokee, along with her brothers Sai and Bai, the new leaders of the Talon, Village Warriors of the Forsaken, and Assassins of The Crow, are gathered in the deep dark corners of the BlackWood.

“We will perform a calculated assault on them. We will destroy this regime physically, mentally, spiritually, and economically, but this will just be phase 1.”

“You told us about the Man-Beast and the She-Devil before, what will you have us do with them?”

“More than likely, they will be there guarding the elites at that retched gathering. Do them no harm. I need to speak to them. If at all possible, try to get through to them. If you cannot, use force if necessary. You just might have to… they are formidable and intelligent in battles of strategy and war.”

(Village Chief Sparrow yells out) “They raped the women; ravished the young maidens as they bled from there delicate areas. They committed heinous debaucheries against the young men and castrated the heads of the households. Robbed, pillaged, plundered, looted, and burned everything in sight!”

(Squad Captain Eostrix - Secondary Security Unit Leader and survivor of Jericho Town adds to the discussion) “The storehouses are depleted, they took all the monies, treasures, and food that has been stocked up for the poor and the stranger. What gain does one have to take all, when you have all? They left not one grape that fell from the vine! This man… whoever united these nations of Cambalache is a DEVIL… who must be taught what it means to be prey!”

Charlotte Cherokee holds the hearts of the people. They revere and love her. A beautiful and fierce woman of little humor. Ever since the event of the void, she has been the key to the survival of The Fang and its many branches and families. She is the main person who can slightly remember their past lives. She can read the heavens, decipher signs and omens around her, obtain memories of old through footprints left behind by man and nature, and even project her own consciousness or reality onto another. Her ambition to keep her family free and prosperous has maintained her on a journey to find the truth of the life that existed before that world-changing occurrence a decade ago…

“I hear you all. I feel all your pain. The wicked shall not go unpunished. They think that we are weak and feebleminded. They believe that we are slow to speak and slow to act, but we are slow to anger. We wait patiently as we stalk our prey, waiting for the right opportune moment to strike. We have reached that moment. My people’s cries have reached the heavens. They think we are savages; they will see how savage we can be. Since the sentence against an evil work is not executed speedily, therefore it is set in the hearts of men to be eviler and more complacent. Certainly, our wrath shall come upon them like a thief in the night. They have waxed fat with their greed and thirst for power. They will pay for everything that they have done to our people…. all the governments of Cambalanche…. anybody of the underworld who assisted them... The Parliament and the Five Families. We need to retrieve all the artifacts that they stole from us. We must avenge our brothers and sisters that have been killed, humiliated, and enslaved!

As she stands abruptly, all the war council members stand valiantly with her, right fists clenched and pressed against their hearts.

“Quam! Quam! Quam!” the many men and women leaders sound off in war cries of admiration, resolve, and agreement.

Her brothers put her War Cloak around her shoulders. A garment that the villagers call the Coat of Many Beasts. This coat was a remarkable sight. Showcasing multiple animal pelt-like fabrics woven together to pay homage to the many families of the Fang. It also depicts images of the Ancient Monarchy that the elders of old worshipped. She stares off into the back of the room; a shadow of sorts lingers behind the war council table.

“Will you avenge your fallen brethren?!”, she says firmly; her eyes and brows brimming with a stern look of determination.

The leaders sharply stop their chants and cries, and all stare off into the shadows with her. A sizeable menacing fellow emerges from the darkness…

Yesss…. (Flutter…Flutter) …. we, we have have have, been been been waiting for this! Thank you!

All Mighty Matriarch of The Fang and The Forsaken! Finally, we can run wild……., the crows shall accept…. the crows shall unite... THE CROW SHALL COMMIT…………….


Present Day – (21:00:00)


Immediately an all-out war engulfs the streets. Several battles break out inside and outside the auction house. Sinister crow-man assassins take up their positions in front of the many underground, sentinel, and special agent groups burdened with the task to fight for their lives. The Little Girl and the Two Brothers take the helm and rally all sentinel troops. Capo Hector, of Gang Rojo, from the Niño’s Cartel, and his team, has gotten all the injured and bystanders to the medic units. He yells out, “Vamanos! Get these people outta town, its gonna get worse here!” Gang Verde’ led by Capo Ruiz, successfully breached the Fang blockades situated at all the Black District entry points and headed back to assist the central part of the joint-forces. Gang Azul, led by Gabriella, is still helping the Sentinel Force on the south side of town. Through her tenacity, genius, and an unrelenting team of skilled archers, she stays the Fang Troops from taking over the district with an overwhelming onslaught of exploding arrows.

Gabriella, without doubt, or hesitation, issues out orders to her all-female team.

“Load!” “Oi!”

“Aim!” “Oi!”

“Fire!” “Aye!”

The Little Girl strategically placed all squads in an immediate attacking and defending position to compete against the overwhelming hoard of enemies. “Officers, quickly, get into your battle formations just like the War Academy taught you!” she ordered. “Yes, ma’am!” said the Sentinel Forces.

“Certamina Corpus Arte’!” – Telum Flying Guillotine!!!”

Hakim Amar combines his enlarged Chakram blades together and sends out a devastating attack against dozens of crow-men, almost decapitating them! “Damn, how strong are their necks, I was trying to send them flying!” Amar screams out as he retracts his weapons. “Just keep going, as fierce as they look, they can still be hurt… I have something special for these fowl!”, said Hakim Hadad.

“Hey Amar”

“Yeah Hadad”

“Remember that move you did against the General during sparring?”

“Yeah, doing that shit, she damn there took my life afterward!”

“Ha-ha-ha, Yes, throw me the same way!” shouts Hakim Hadad as he dashes towards his brother wielding dual Mauls with a Raven’s Beak spear forged on the opposite side of the face.

“Aww shit yeah, you got it,” said Hakim Amar as he catches his brothers’ ankles and spins around three times and releases.

“Certamina Corpus Arte' – Telum Combination- Orbital War Hammer!!!”

Hakim Hadad mows through dozens of enemies.
Changing his course through the air by the force of the hammer blows against his foes.
Bludgeoning. Carving the birds down to the bone.
His movements precise. His style unique.
The calmness of his approach was he relaxed? No. Not at all.
How could he be relaxed? His family and friends’ lives were on the line.
The sounds of skulls crushing, brains, and blood splattering against the concrete.
This was not an attack of defense or desperation. It was more of a ruthless culling.
Sentinel Troops look at the brothers in awe.

“Don’t just fuckin stand there. Let’s take this fight to the assholes!” said Hakim Amar.

“AYE, SIR! “yelled out the Sentinel Officers. The battle, fierce all around. Mutually brutal. Casualties on both teams. This war ensues for another 45 minutes!

At the same time, The Little Girl, The Koroshimasu General, faces off against several Crow-men headliners across the courtyard who seem to have targeted her directly.

“Ahhh. You, you must, must be the She-Devil that everyone talks about!” says the Crow-men slayer.

He walks ahead of the group, towards the Little Girl.

“Your quite bold to come this close bird-man, knowing my repute. Furthermore, I hate that name; I don’t even know why they call me that”, the Little Girl opens her hands and prepares to get in a stance.

“Ha, ha-ha-ha, If you, you want us, us to fear you, Madam, then you, you should take, take your position of power over me.”, the Crow-men slayer takes a knee, bows his head, and then looks up at her.

The Little Girl scrounges her face.

She turns her head and looks at this creature, stunned by his words and actions.

“What the fuck… are you doing? He-he-He, you are quite delusional bird-man! I was always taught not to go with strangers!” she said,
looking down at him, still on her guard.

“Oh, oh, that’s simple, my, my Apologies, my name is Jack… Daw.”, he utters these words as he stands upright. The moonlight shining down on them both. Flurries of the frost began to fall around them as the wind of the night starts to howl. His minions still standing off in the distance.

His wings fade-away behind him.
He extends his hands out to her.

“You, You should come to, to Sabbia, with us, we can worship you!” he says while giving an actual sincere gaze.

The Little Girl swiftly grasps the kunai from her bandolier, and with keen precision, she pierces the vital points of all his minions, in rapid succession.
Several of the crow-men pulled the poison knives from their bodies, discarding them.

“That won’t be enough to take them down, Princess!”

“Oh, yeah? Think again, bird-man!”

The many crow-men began to fall, one by one.

“Hmmm. Nicely done. As expected, the poison you wield is unlike anything we have prepared for.”

“It’s time for you to get outta my way, Sir Jack Daw! I have to see where my partner is!

“Your partner? Oh, you mean the Man-beast?! Yes, yes, he, he needs to come with, with us too!”

“What the fuck are you talking about, you need to die right here. Right now!”


(21:15:35) Auction House Courtyard

Meanwhile, Captain Xiomara and Commissioner Aiden were going to be accosted by a squad of Fang troops when suddenly El Turro, out of nowhere, spins out and tail whips the enemies; sending them all flying.
“Get in, Ahora!” said one of the Niño’s Cartel Henchmen.
“Oh my god, thank you,” yelled the Captain.
The men put their hand out and signaled for her to get in.
“He’s not dead, he’s just poisoned!”.
Several men jumped out of the side door of the wagon and assisted the Captain and the Commissioner inside.
“Let’s go, get outta here!” The vehicle screeches and takes off.
“We... Have… to….”, he can hardly get his words out.
His breaths are short.
Whatever is going on with his body is causing him to go in and out of consciousness.
“Stop Talking Aiden save your strength!”, Xiomara screamed.
Captain Xiomara holds Commissioner Aiden as he lays back in her arms, sweat pouring out of him. Face red like freshly forged iron.
“Stay with me,” she says with concern.
We... just... can’t… leave... The teams behind!” said Commissioner Aiden, struggling to get all his words out.
One of the members of the Gang Verde’ Team quickly turns around, “Listen, sir, who do you think we are? We are following orders. You think we are leaving anyone behind? The Black District is our home… not yours! We will always fight for it! We fight all the time.”
“He didn’t mean any harm,” explained Captain Xiomara.
“Just know hermano, reinforcements are already in play. We can’t have you two dying on the battlefield.”
“Wow, thank you… Who gave you these orders?” asked the Captain.
The whole Gang Verde’ squad sounds off, “El Nino Jefe’!”
“How so?” inquired Captain Xiomara.
“El Nino Jefe’ owes those new Special Agents.”, said one of the Gang Verde’ men.
“Why would the Child Boss of the Niño’s Cartel owe some special agents?”
“Well, apparently before they became Special Agents, the brothers from the Artisan Guild frequented the Black and Red District often, for work and for play. They became remarkably close to the Cartel, though I don’t really know all the details on how. That led to them helping El Nino Jefe’s Father with the layouts and construction of one of his mountain hideouts. Not too long ago, that structure came under attack by a rival gang, and if it wasn’t for their skills, he would be dead.
“that’s Interesting… I didn’t know the Artisan Guild heads visited these Districts so much.”
“Don’t be silly, Xiomara… You know their occupations place them all over this world…, stop being jealous
Shut up, Aiden, before I finish you off myself!”
The Verde’ team stopped by one of their private storehouses and picked up sedatives and medicine for the Commissioner to hold him over until he can see the medics.
“We need to get out of their radius.”
“What do you mean, hermano?
“The enemy has someone that is jamming the communication frequencies of the Sentinel Forces and the Special Agents. I doubt that there is someone or something that powerful that can do it from a remote distance; Which means they must be in the vicinity of the Black District. We need to get to an area outside the Black District and out of their radius so we can reach all HQ’s and get ahold on what’s going on.”
Ok, I know an area. It used to be a checkpoint on the way out from Tenomachi.”
You mean that deserted place?
“Yes, Specter City, population more than likely is like five people. Anyways, there is an abandoned communication Hub there that you can use.”
“Thank you, let’s do it”

(21:17:48) Backstage!

The Old Man, Torin Conall, and Hakim Khaliq immediately began locating all the auction items that were stolen as soon as they heard the explosion in the nearby auditorium. Torin Conall retrieved his nation's statue and placed otherworldly relics back into crates. The Old man, knowing the severity of the situation, handled the stolen items that belonged to the Fang. He gave an order to Hakim Khaliq to go around the building and take the long way to the courtyard and assist the rest of the Koroshimasu Team and Joint Forces outside.

“What… is that ringing?”, the Old Man thought to himself. He wondered if the sound he’s hearing belongs to the Fang relic that Torin spoke of.
“But why do I hear it… I can’t even see it? The Old Man tries to hurry to find this mysterious item before it causes more trouble. He then hears a faint voice calling out.

“What the hell?!”, there shouldn’t be anyone back here.

It calls.



Someone’s name?

He closes his eyes. Listening attentively.

“Why do I hear this?” he pondered. The Old Man started to get frustrated as he clamored down the hall, searching in all the backstage rooms looking for the lost item and the source of this mysterious voice.

It calls.

It whispers.

It utters.

He hears someone calling!


(21:20:35) Inside the Black District Auction House!

The frightening Crow-man Leader, taking his time, looks at the battles and chaos going on all around the Black District. As he hovers over the Auction House rooftop, he seems to display a visage of satisfaction.

He finally bellows, “We… we… are… are… here!”

He slowly turns. His eyes fixed on the interior of the building. The creature flaps his wings and descends into the destroyed auditorium and lands in the middle of the central aisle. His wings retract behind him. He starts to walk down the aisle. His dark, bare, upper torso riddled with scars. Hands wrapped in fighter’s cloth. He opens and closes his fists.

“I know you are here. Come out… NOW!

The Crow-man leader hollers, and it shakes the foundation of the building and echoes throughout the halls.

“Is this guy talking to me?’, asked Torin Conall and the Old man to themselves, both located at different sides of the Auction House.

“FACE…face… ME!” the Crow-man beckons again.

Torin Conall gathers the rest of the auction items that he was tasked to retrieve. He loaded them onto the large dolly and continues to the back of the building. He needs to get these items to his wagon and return to the owners right away.

“I have to hurry and get outta here, or else I’ll never make it,” he thought to himself.

He rushes down the back hallways.

“I see the door…finally!” he says out loud.

There’s a woman in the alleyways running, ferociously, with determination, to the same back door.
He speeds up, jetting down the hallways, the dolly wheels rattling.
She runs. Fiercely. The force of her steps leaving indented footprints in the pavement. She balls her fist, leaps towards the double doors, with her hands cocked back.

Torin Conall, in a mad dash, bursts through the doors!

“Yes, I made it out…

“Heeee, YAH!” “oof…!”

The woman fired a dreadful punch to his upper torso, dispatching a destructive shockwave that broke the walls surrounding the doors. The hit sent the druid priest flying back through the auction halls, crashing through multiple walls, doors, and debris. He lands back into the auction house auditorium. The Crow-man leader turns and looks at him and the concave he left in the wall. He gives a look of disgust as he smirks and turns back around. The broken body slowly slides down the wall in his own blood.

“One…one… DOWN! HAHAHA!”, the Crow-Man bursts out in gut-wrenching laughter.

The Old Man felt everything.
He felt his friend as soon as it happened.

“TORIN! I have to help him… no… no, continue the mission objective, he can fend for himself.”, the Old Man conflicted in his thoughts, continued to find the item. The woman searched the dolly and metal crates. She didn’t find what she was looking for.
She walked over the debris and entered the Auction House.

The Old man senses the woman’s presence.

He felt this aura before.

He also figured out where the Fang Orb is.

He rushes to the last room.

He hears the voice again.

Calling out a name.

It’s getting louder as he gets closer.

He rushes the door to the office… and there it sits, in the middle of the floor, encased in glass. It begins to glow intensely… the Old man hears the voice in his head… now yelling louder.

“What the hell is this”

“What is going on?!”

The woman burst through the door and witnessed the Old Man, running to the Orb in the middle of the floor.

“It’s her!” he thinks to himself.

“It’s him!” she utters.

“Charlotte Cherokee!!!” The Old man yells out!

“Man-beast!!!” she bellows back.

They both run towards the Orb as it sends out an ear-piercing sound that resonates throughout the room. The glass case shatters. They both block out the glass, leap up and over to grab the orb.

“What the fuck am I doing, I can’t touch this thing?!”, the old man panicked within himself.

He foolishly had the urge to grab the orb just as she did
He thought to hold back, but it was too late.

They both grabbed the orb at the same damn time!

A massive shockwave hit them both and launched them out from the room.

The Old Man… Charlotte Cherokee… and the mysterious Orb… has vanished!

(21:40:35) Communication!

Commissioner Aiden was in stable condition, but he can feel the pain throughout his whole body. Something was inside of him, tearing his body apart. He and Captain Xiomara both were able to patch up their cuts and bruises. Capo Ruiz of Gang Verde’ made it to the outskirts of the Black District in a small deserted town called Specter City. They entered the abandoned communication station.

“Quickly, let’s get this station back online.”

“Copy that”

“We need to hook up these devices that were given to us from the Blind Five and connect them to the wired system here.”

“Got it”

“Captain Xiomara, please go outside with the men and see if there are any batteries in the shed behind this station. We need as much power as we can get"

“Got it, Commissioner Aiden.”

“Capo Ruiz, can you help me splice these wires and conjoin the Terranote, Terravoice, and Devils Eye beacon all together?”

“Yes sir, although that’s some weird-ass names you just gave me, I’m going to trust you, though!

“How do you know all this will work?

“The Koroshimasu team always had contingency plans. Before the mission, we had a meeting with all the squads, and the Blind Five gave us these backup devices along with a private radio channel that they can use in the case of a communication breach or failure.”

“Ah. Okay.”

“How are we doing out there, Captain?”

“We’re good Aiden, Start it up!”

“Aye, Okay. Here goes everything!”

Commissioner Aiden, Captain Xiomara, and Capo Ruiz and various Gang Verde’ soldiers managed to get the secondary communications online. They tapped into the radio frequency left to them by the Blind Five. They radioed in, and immediately the Shadow Villa came on the comms. The Shadow Villa HQ was able to use the Specter City beacon to re-tap into the entire radio and energy network. They also assessed the situation in all areas and informed all teams and squads of the current situation everywhere. Capo Ruiz and his soldiers were also able to dispatch a mobile medic team from the last hospital in this area of the Western Plains. Once the doctor examined Commissioner Aiden, it was revealed that he wasn’t poisoned but rather infected by a virus.

(21:45:00) The Battlefield!

The Fang Troops have been defeated around the Black District, and the resident criminal factions have taken back most of their territories. Medical Units have been treating the injured and getting those in critical condition to the nearest hospitals. The main forces facing the Crow-man assassins finish off the last remaining crow underlings…

Certamina Corpus Arte’ – Macto Barrage!

Special Agent Hakim Khaliq, the Engineer, joined the battle in the courtyard and delivered an onslaught of deadly pressure point attacks, destroying dozens of Crow-man soldiers. Instantly, the enemy’s world turned red. Bodies are petrified. Crying crimson tears. “That which is within must at some point come out, whether by force, choice, or happenstance of death.”, he said to them. The Crow-man burdened to face him, perished in a puddle of their own blood and innards that spewed out where they stood.

Certimina Corpus Arte’ – Dimicio Death Slam!

Special Agent Hakim Amar went one-on-one with a huge crow-man. Various punches thrown by the enemy were answered with similar attacks of his own, blocking his opponent's every move. The monster crow-man then went into a berzerker frenzy, and Hakim Amar quickly pressed and unlatched the handles of his weapons, attached the inner wires, and placed the Chakram blades onto the ground. He then bent his knees and raised his arms in a grappling stance. The brutish bird ran at him, with unbridled tenacity, preparing to crush him with his forearms. As soon as the crow-man was close, Amar, using the creature’s own inertia, quickly grabbed his arm, maneuvered around the rear, grabbed the other arm, and broke them. He then sent a massive knee thrust to the spine, shattering several sections. He spent the bird around, lifted him in the air, and dropped his neck on the arc of the Chakram. Slicing his throat and neck halfway.

The bird-man wailed and cawed.

His lower body shaking and trembling.

The springs of the handle then abruptly detached, sending the second Chakram blade across the back of the neck.

Fully decapitating the head from the body.

His screams and shaking stopped.

“Nevermore!” mocked Amar, making himself sound like a bird as he walked away laughing.

Certimina Corpus Arte’ – Telum Lodestone Hammer!

Special Agent Hakim Hadad was fed up with the unrelenting pursuit of the enemies. They kept advancing, and he powerfully deflected and defended every attack. After knocking back the enemy for the last time, he quickly set up a tripwire. Two dozen enemies ran together to attack him, saw the trap, and immediately stopped. He intoned his next move, and instead of trapping them with the tripwire, he self-released a needle blade that shot through the necks of all 24 crow-man.

Sewing them all together.

Shish kabobbed.

The Blacksmith released two hammers, throwing them in opposite directions, away from his body at a trajectory that would target the crow-men. The magnetic bond forced the weapons back to each other but not before mulling through all the skulls and brains of the birds between them. He recovered them, shook off the brain matter, and concealed the weapons behind him.

All the underground teams had additional soldiers stand guard all around the Black District to keep any other Fang Troops at bay. The Special Agents, top underground teams, and remaining Sentinel Forces gathered in the Courtyard. From where they stood, they can see the Main Crow-man leader standing in the main auditorium aisle. They all start to slowly approach his vicinity. Sensing their fear and blood lust, he rolls his neck in a clockwise motion and slowly turns and faces them. He cracks his knuckles. They all get into battle stances.

“We have to be smart about this, he’s no regular opponent!”

“We need to assess his skills!”

“I will tell you right now even our General would have trouble beating him.”

“Aww, shit, are you serious?”

“Excuse me sirs’ you guys have done so much for us, let us go in first!”


“Yes, I agree, we will go in too!”

As the Koroshimasu team, Sentinel Forces, and Black District underground prepare to battle, a few have made up their mind that they will take the front line to face the crow man leader. Gabriella of Gang Azul rally’s her archers into formation in the rear. Sentinel Forces get into positions on the front lines. El Nino Jefe and his top men take a left and right flank. The three brothers occupy the middle. The Crow-man Leader looks at them. He leans his head to the side as he watches his opposition ready themselves. He moves closer, Stepping out onto the Courtyard.

“CAW!”, the Crow-man Leader gives out a deafening roar.

“You dare raise your arms against us? This is a day of reckoning, and it is only the beginning of your end. We have seen your true colors. We have seen your wrong ways. You have no honor. You have no trust. You are walking hypocrisies. Living on lands that hardly belong to you. Working for ingrates that will always use you for the fools you are!
We walked through the villages. Saw your carnage. We felt your hatred! You gave no regard for the old, the young, the widow. You raped, and you ravished. You plundered, and you pillaged. You committed heinous atrocities against my people, yet you call us the criminals?
You call us the savages? You call us the vagabonds? The basemen? The lowly?
Deflection! Reflection! You speak only of yourselves, despicable wretches. Everything that you have done, we will bring upon you a hundred-fold! We hold the grudges of a thousand generations, and we have heard their cries! We are the guardians of that which is sacred, and we will bring hell upon those that desecrate it. We are the harbingers of your afterlife! We are the symbols of your death and the genesis of this world’s life! We must give you this message; this prophetic omen of your end! I am the Head of the Fourth. I am the Protector of the Royals. I am the Shadow of the Mighty Sovereigns. I… am... Corvus! … and today you…will…SUFFER!”, said the Crow-Man Leader as he prepares for battle.

Gabriella immediately signaled for her team to set off the arrows. The Sentinel Forces charged at the Crow-men Leader Corvus head-on. The Nino Cartel provided firepower from both sides. The brothers await their chance to join the brawl, observing the battle from the middle of the joint formation.

Corvus spread his wings, covered himself, and took the brunt of the exploding arrows. They left no marks. He caught the grenades and bombs that came at him from the left and the right, launching them back at his enemies; their strategy failed. He ran at the Sentinel Forces and pummeled them to the ground. They divided into teams and tried to perform calculated attacks; Corvus provided the quotient and the remainder. When they kicked, he check-kicked and countered with a left fist to the jaw. He followed by delivering an onslaught of quick and powerful linear leg strikes, stifling roundhouse kicks, and back fist blows. Stopping the enemies where they stood. The Sentinel forces were immediately defeated. The Nino Cartel was down for the count and retreated on all sides.

Hakim Khaliq, Hakim Amar, and Hakim Hadad look at that beating that took place in front of them. They then look at themselves, removed layers of their garments, and readied themselves; they were filled with resolve. They pulled out their weapons, and they charged at Corvus. They also delivered calculated hits in tandem. The brothers moved in unison, using each other for support. They moved like a machine with anchors, pulleys, and gears. Powerful and meticulous never-before-seen combinations. They operated like veterans of war… but in the end…it was nothing to Corvus. It seemed like he was having fun with them. He knocked them 20 feet in the air and laughed as they plummeted onto their back pockets.

The Crow-man Leader congratulated them for being able to withstand his attacks. Corvus then called back all his minions who were still alive, dead, or injured. Thousands of crow-men returned to the inside of his body in a snap. He grew more significant than before.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” said Hakim Amar as he begins to get up slowly. Bloody and bruised from the face down.

“I think our first mission is gonna be our last brothers.”, uttered Hakim Hadad, coughing up blood as he tries to get to his knees.

“We aren’t going down without a fight. Our family and our team would be proud of what we accomplished today!” said Hakim Khaliq trying to get his wind back.

“Is that all you’ve got young men? Don’t tell me you're done already! It’s a shame though…you should be fighting with us, and not against us!” said the Crow-man Leader Corvus as he prepares another attack.

“Fine with me, I will finish you all off with this next move!”.

Corvus got down into a starting position and launched himself at the brothers, preparing to deliver a devastating, dual-wing, guillotine attack, that would end them!

As soon as he reaches the vicinity of the brothers, something smashed the Crow-man on the right side of his jaw, sending blood, teeth, and his whole body flying and spinning straight into a building nearby. A man suddenly appears in front of the brothers, his back turned, bending on one knee. He began to rise.

“Who the hell is that?” asked Hakim Amar. The man lifts back his hooded cowl and turns to look at them.

“It’s the Priest!” said the brothers in unison.

Torin Conall, the Druid Priest, Member of the Sancti Lilium, stood in front of them, holding his torso with one arm; blood was coming from his mouth.
“I… will deal with him.”, said Torin Conall to the brothers.

“No, you look like hell, sir, let us fight with you!” the brothers responded.

“NO! Go and find the General… I think she’s in trouble… and I don’t sense your leader…anywhere!”

“What the hell are you talking about? What is happening?!”

“She’s fighting another leader of the Crow… on the opposite side of the Courtyard, but… I’m getting a bad vibe… just go… now!” said Torin Conall, still hurting from Charlotte Cherokees attack.

“Aye, Okay, Sir!”

The brothers, in a mad dash, rushed to the opposite side of the courthouse, Hakim Amar leading the pack. As they got there, they are met almost instantly with an army of Fang Troops, but they were dressed differently than the previous soldiers. The beaten and battered brothers were immediately overwhelmed and knocked down to the ground. As they look off into the distance, they see the Little Girl, the Koroshimasu General, the Second in Command, knocked unconscious and lying on the ground. A creature, who seems to be Jack Daw, standing over her. He picks her up. Hakim Amar screams and yells. He tries to fight through the multiple soldiers restraining him and holding him back. His brothers are bound and helpless.

“No, stop! Let her go! Get your fucking hands off me!” Hakim Amar musters up his inner strength and tries to fight off the Fang.

“Don’t fucking take her!” Hakim Amar yells out.

Hakim Amar’s body was wrapped in chains from the Fang.
He breaks the restraints around his left arm and tries to extend it; If only he could reach her! Eyes soaked with tears and heart filled with anguish; the vision from the hydrothrone is now clear!

“Why didn’t I fucking remember the vision until now?!

I could have prevented this!” he painstakingly thought…blaming and scolding himself in the process.

Jack Daw picks up her unconscious body, her arms lifelessly swinging by the wayside. The Crow-man Headliner looks at Hakim Amar and smirks.

He instantly disappears, and the Fang with him!


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