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A teddy bear has a very eventful day...
Morning sunlight shined through a window as Kuma sat on the edge of a bed, a sleeping girl beside him. The stuffed bear only had his thoughts as the child slept. She was the one that picked me. Thought the bear as he looked as the sunshine that bathed the room in light. Out of all my brothers, I was the one that she chose to be her friend. Kuma heard the bedroom door open. Looks like older human they call mommy is here. She was with the girl when I was bought. They took me to a man, and she was the one that handed over green paper to the man. I wonder if that was a trade? He struggled to move, but his nature as a stuffed toy stopped him. He could overhear the mother wake her daughter.

I’ve been here a few days, and I’m already getting used to things. He felt the warm touch of the girl as she wrapped her hand around the soft fur of his left arm.

“Come on Mr. Kuma!” said the girl as she happily picked him up off the bed.

He tried to talk, to respond to her, but his mouth would not move! In fact, he could not move his body at all! I wonder where she’s taking me? To that big round table in the room they call a Kiychen? He was still filled with a sense of wonder as he was carried though the halls of the home that the girl lived. So many colors! The place where I was born and the store were so bland! Plus, they are so nice to me here ! He smiled to himself as he was seated in a chair next to the girl. It’s not so bad here! I like having my own chair! But what strange things on the table! They call them Pancakes. Do they open their mouths for things besides talking? Oh, how I wish I could open my mouth…..

Sadness began to creep over Kuma as that thought crossed his mind. Why was I created? To be dragged around by humans? She treats me nicely, but I can’t move on my own. And who is this dad that the mommy keeps talking about? What is the army? Another store? Are they going to return me?

His attention remained focused on the girl as she ate her pancakes. Time passed as he watched both of them eat, unable to move. Watching her, he saw her reach for a jar that sat on the table. But disaster struck as the jar was knocked off the table! What is this sticky stuff?! Fear began to grip him as horrible thoughts formed in his mind. Oh no! They are going to throw me in the trash! This is what all the other toys warned me about! I should have been more careful!

Barking began to ring in his ears, and before he could be helped, sharp fangs dug into his foot. Dragged off the chair, he was helpless as a small dog carried him around. No! Is this a dog!? I was warned about them by my brothers! They are the ones who pray on stuffed animals! He wanted to cry as the dog shook him.

Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw the young girl reach for him. Is she going to save me?

He felt her grab his arm trying to pull him away from the dog. But the little beast was relentless and refused to hand over its prize. It took the mother scolding the dog for Kuma to finally be saved. The doggie let me go! But… He still felt sad. I’m all dirty.

He heard the girl and her mother talk. Washing machine? Could it be? He began to fill some relief as the woman took him from the girl’s arms. His eyes lit up when he saw the open washing machine. They have a bath! This is how stuffed animals get washed. Finally! I can wash all the gunk that’s collected on my fur!

Kuma felt the soap pour on his face. Yes! They are taking the trouble to wash me! Is she doing this to make the girl happy? His thoughts lingered as the washer filled with water. Come to think of it, she seems so happy when I’m around. All the other stuffed toys and she picked me to be her friend! Maybe I am a lucky bear after all…. At least she does not have any older siblings that would pick on me. One of my brothers told me about what happened to my cousin Ernie. After the wash cycle was over, Kuma’s adventure continued in the dryer. After an hour passed, Kuma came out warm, happy, and cleaner than he had ever felt. Breathing in, he was snatched by the anxious girl who wanted her best friend back.

The rest of his day was uneventful, although he remained puzzled by the strange box that has pictures and sound. Were humans trapped in there? Some kind of magic? The store had them as well, next to the toy section and they always scared him.

Night eventually came, and Kuma was carried up to the girl’s room. He was laid on the bed, his eyes watching as darkness consumed the room. He could hear the girl breath as he was cradled in her arms. “Goodnight Kuma.” Said the girl as she held him close. “I’m so glad you’re here. Daddy will be home in a week, I can’t wait to show you to him.”

Kuma heard her doze off. This is where I belong. Thought the stuffed bear. This is why I was made. To make someone happy. I wonder what adventures tomorrow will bring?

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