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the worlds ending basically
We all have talents that´s how we survived everything that happened and we all have a sad little story of how we got here. One day almost three or so years ago there was a massive flood and everyone thought it was a natural disaster but after the flood every kid that the government could find was taken from their families. when i found out what was happening I ran away i was in New York, New York my parents moved us there after my moms big break in the acting business. I didn´t go back to my house because they could find me there but New York was a big city so I had plenty of places to hide. When I was little I saw a story on the news about a man who lived in the ceiling of a department store so I decided to see if that seemed like something I could actually do. Bloomingdale´s was the closest to me so I went there and looked around but there was nowhere that seemed hidden enough to stay.
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