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My Joy Expressing
Yeah, I got it. At last, writing.com, that is what I needed.Yes, really, I'm so excited to lean.....Let me take a breath.!....about "in print author".I can sell my book here? Oh..I already given five books on line on Amazon.com through kdp. They are of short stories. I have already told that English is not my first language, but there is no either way to communicate the world.So ,I had to do this, start writing in English.Here I'm learning, and people are helping me through. But those are live on Amazon.com is error checked, hope The body's here will be interested more about me and will have pleasure if they read.I have more writings in Bengali ,hope indians will appreciate a little. My dreams will come true?I've been cherishing my dream since childhood holding up the pen in hand from one year age. Oh !!!!!! I have gone through a number of apps and webs like blogger, WordPress, medium, fast pencil, kdp, booksie, bookrix etc.and at last, I found writing.com.Hope this will give me success.
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