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Rated: E · Fiction · Fantasy · #2207940
calamity forces you to make cummies in a diaper (pov)
"good morning, baby" calamity teases as she gets out her supplies.you start screaming as she pulls out a vibrator, then you notice ur wearing a pink dress & a wet and messy thick rearz diaper.
" i see ur enjoying ur diapers, so imma let you make some cummies in ur full diaper" she says,turning on the vibrator.
"does i look sexy baby", she says, as she takes her clothes off, revealing her own full diaper, which turns u on!
"get ready to make diaper cummies" she says, as she pushes the vibrator onto the front of ur full diaper. you start getting hard.
then you moan, barely silenced by the 3 inch ball gag in ur mouth.
"just look at my body, and you will be able to make cummies", she says as she grips her big diapered ass, and her boobies.
"mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm" you start moaning louder as she turns the vibrator up.
"good diaper sissy!" she says, as you start to bounce up and down, trying not to cum for her.
"this will surely make u cum!" she says as she turns the vibrator on max.
all you can do is just relax, as you cum in ur diaper, but she doesn't stop.
"time for round 2" she says as she puts her diapered pussy and the vibrator just like you!
she then makes you cum with her 5 more times.
the end.
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