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by DT680
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The first time i licked feet.
This is a true story that happened to me a while back. It's not my first time licking feet, it was the first time i licked someone else's feet rather than my own. Ok, so a little backstory. I was about 9 or 10 when this happened. I did have a foot fetish, but i didn't know why. This is not sexual btw.
I lived in on a street with other houses next to us. The one right next to us is where the girl in this story lived, she was the same age as me. We playd togheter a lot. She had a trampoline which we jumped on all the time.
This one day we was playing i had a plan, i wanted to lick her feet. So we played togheter on the trampoline. I then found a ball and made a game. We would throw the ball up in the air, and jump so that the ball would bounce all around, and the first one to get hit had to do a forfeit. We would make forfeits ourselves. But this time i didn't make a normal one. I said that the one who got hit with the ball had to massage the other ones feet for 60 seconds. I lost on purpose so that i could do it.
When i lost, i started to make it out as if i wouldn't want to do it so that she didn't get any ideas that i liked it. She sat down and i sat down, and she asked if she should take her socks of. Ofcourse i said yes. She took of her socks and i saw her barefeet for the very first time. I remember how excited i was, i also rembered i had a boner but i didn't jerk off at that time ofcourse. So i took her feet in my hands and started rubbing them. I remember smooth her feet was. I looked at her with a distgusted face when i did id, but i loved it. Now the 60 seconds was up. Now she put her socks back on and she would make a forfeit. She usually just said that the loser will run around the house or something.
Now it was my turn to make the forfeit. I said that the loser had to smell the winners feet. Ofcourse i lost. Now she sat down again and took of her socks for me. Just before i started i said that it was 60 seconds on each foot. Her feet was sweaty because she ran around the house. It smelt so bad but yet so good. The 60 seconds were up so she switched her foot for me she stuck her toes right in between my nose. I gagged so that i wouldn't seem like i liked it. Now the 60 seconds were up. She was about to put her socks back on, but i said that she should just be barefoot for the next forfeit. ;)
She did a forfeit and now it was my turn again. I said that this time the loser will have to lick the losers foot 10 times on each foot, from heel to toe. She said ewwww. I lost agian. I was so hyped to lick her smooth feet. She sat down and handed her feet to me. I licked from heel to toe. She started laughing and i spat out some spit on the side pretending to be distgusted. I loved it. I licked her feet more than 10 times because she didn't count. I kept on licking till she said that it was enough.

That was the first time i licked someones feet. We kept on doing that game for years. She did still not know that i liked it.
I have a simular story where i licked someone else's feet for really long. Let me knowif you want to hear it.
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